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October 17th, 2013, 05:24 PM
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So I chose to see a midwife here in the small town I live in. There's only one midwife and 4 ob's. The ob's all have horrible reviews. I'm looking for a more natural experience than I had with my son.

I have been to two appointments and haven't met the midwife yet. They told me I needed to call today and schedule an appointment at the lab to get bloodwork, HIV test, urine test and a glucose test done. A glucose test at 11-12 weeks?! They wouldn't explain to me what the bloodwork is but said it's just routine. I don't really feel comfortable with doing it. I don't think a glucose test is necessary this early in pregnancy and I'm still sick, there's no way I can fast all morning and then go in and so the test without being sick. I don't feel like drinking that junk drink that is all highly processed sugar, no way it can be good for you.

Then they told me at my next appointment I will be given a flu shot. No choice. I'm not feeling like this is the natural midwife experience I was looking for. My only other option is to switch to a birth center that is 75 miles away. I don't mind the drive, it's a little inconvenient since my son has preschool but I won't be delivering in this area anyway since we will move around 25 weeks. What would you do?
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