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October 23rd, 2013, 09:30 PM
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I forgot to update my appointment from yesterday so I better do that before I as you all know I had the amnio,nst,and o.b appointment yesterday.So I get to the hospital for the amnio and my dr. was't able to perform the amnio because he was called for cs.I had another dr do it that I had never before but he was pretty good. they refereed to him as the medical guru because he can do things that that other dr.s can't or what ever they was trying to say.So I sign all my paper for the precedure and the nurse ask me some back ground questions and warning me about the risk. She begin trying to tell me that because I am so early that it was 98% chance that his lungs wasn't ready and I have been doing the nst test and they all looked good to her.She suggested that I skip the amnio because of that and the chance of mc/stillbirth was there but low.So I get aggrevated because I felt like my dr. shouldve better prepared me for the appointment instead of letting me get to the appointment and have to make hurried decisons.The nurse did the us and stated fluid looks good but it was only a small pocket of fluid for him to get into and again started talking about me skipping it because I could go into labor and he could die inside me.That's when I started getting p*s*ed off because I felt like my dr knew my history better than them and he shouldve stressed this and how comfotable he felt with going on and not.So the dr. comes in that's going to do the amnio and he started talking about the risk and how I am a unique case and only a couple dr felt the need to the amnio.They was trying to tell me while I have a large medical team he was the one doing the stick and wanted me to be aware of stillbirth but the biggest concern was going into labor.Of course all I could think about and hear was stillbirth and think about my first born so I am going back and forth what if I do this and he die what if I don't and he die what should I do.the dr was very patient with me and after lots of tears consultation with my family, prayers, and quizzing of the dr,I decided I will go ahead with the procedure. they did a good job or as best they could to keep my anxiety down by talking me through everything and really monitoring him through the whole process and after.The precedure itself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.I was visibly shaking teeth chattering and everything.Even through all of that he got the job done.The whole time I willing X please don't move baby.I felt the needle go in and it was pretty cool to see it on the screen.once he got the needle in and drew out the fluid I saw X jump on the screen but I was looking hard to make sure he didn't hit.The dr and me both said contraction at the same time. it was funny to see it and feel it at the same time on the screen. The whole procedure took less than 30 seconds. They monitored him on us for about 5 minutes then I got on the regular monitor like a nst for an hour or so.I was reaaaaly crampy but no contrax they were concerned about.he was VERY active as usual. So then I had my regular o.b. appointment.from the inside of my body i felt like you feel when you when you first start to get sick.The nurse noticed and when she begin taking my vitals she noticed I felt hot.I didn't have a fever so I guess it was the stress from the day.I also lost a glob of mucous plug in the toliet at the office.This one had some tinge to it.I had no weight gain,bp ws good, and they was very happy with my sugars.No insulin increase YAY!! They had me rest in the office to since I looked off.Finally the dr came in talk about the amnio. his lungs was 1 point off of being ready.They said they could deliver that same day if I wanted or we could just wait.They explained to me that by delivering that day that he would possible need nicu time.short but probally some.By waiting and according to his test, they said they predict that he should need no nicu time and be good enough to room an go home with me.She asked what day we would like to have the baby and the 30th which was originally planned was booked.SO between yesterday and the 1st of November is acceptable to have baby.I let hubby pick the day since he have to make arrangemnets with work.He was totally against holloween so we went with appointment started at 8:30 am and I didn't get home from dr.s appointments until 6 almost.whew that was a long stressful day.But it is set in stone for Nov 1,2013 at 4:30p.m(registration and monitoring starts at 2) WE ARE HAVING A BABY NEXT WEEK FOR SURE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!Praise God!I will try and keep updates through phone and internet.Dependant on battery I will be able to update fb better than here but don't worry you wonderful ladies won't be left out.I will try to get in quick updates when possible. wILL Also be texting some and whatever is posted on fb os o.k. to be posted here WE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!

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