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October 24th, 2013, 11:01 AM
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this is so frustrating!

i had my son harvey in january, and started the mini pill at six weeks postpartum, so i was on it forrr *does math* seven? months. i never got a period, due in part to the pill, and in part to breast feeding.

but, here's the thing-- harvey is eating solids, and has been for a while now. i'm still breast feeding two or three times a day, but he gets most of his calories from actual food. honestly, i was hoping to not wean him further until he's ready... even if i get pregnant.

and now i've been off the mini pill for almost a month in our attempt to start ttc. but--- no witch! none at all!

the mini pill isn't supposed to stop ovulation. it isn't supposed to stop periods. breast feeding *can*, but c'mon, my son is 9 months old and it's, like, twice a day, that can't be the reason i'm not seeing af!

before i started ttc harvey, i was on the combined pill for a few YEARS. the day i came off it, i had breakthrough bleeding, and i got my period a week later. and that month, i found out i was pregnant. so the effects of the mini pill is supposed to be easier to reverse... what's going on?!

i'm really trying to avoid getting consumed by ttc, and want to let things happen. i bought about a dozen internet cheapies so i could test weekly for my bfp, and i don't really want to get more involved than that, whether it be with charting or temping. but no af means i have no idea what's going on with my body, and i don't know when i should be testing.

i hate to say it, but, i want the witch!

can you imagine-- i get my bfp, i go to the obgyn... they ask, when was your last mp? ummmm.... april 22, 2012?
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