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November 2nd, 2013, 11:31 AM
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Hey Andrea!!!! So glad to hear from ya!!!! Congrats on expecting #2!!!

Thanks Ashley!!! Thanks for checking up on me....I’ve been following your journey girlie...I have got everything crossed for ya that your BFP will be here ASAP!!!!!

It has been a really long is so crazy. I got so tired of the chaos at work yesterday and I’ve been trying really hard not to let the stress get to me...but yesterday I had to close my classroom door and put my head down on my desk to calm down. I will not let my job jeopardize Squirt...if things don’t start getting better...I will have to leave my work.

Grad school is going well....I cannot believe I am almost done I only have 3 more classes before graduation!!!! I really like one of my classes right now...very helpful and informative.

Squirt is doing great. I am feeling movement like crazy...tends to be more active at night...DH has tried to feel movement...but when the kicks are hard enough to feel from the outside DH isn’t around. I cannot wait until he can feel the movement.

We found the perfect chair for the nursery...we got a great deal on it. I didn’t want a usual nursery rocker...I wanted something that was a recliner/rocker and we found the perfect one at JcPenny. They should be delivering it sometime today.
We are going to start putting the cradle together today. I cannot wait to see...what it looks like. Here is the one we got from Amazon.... babyletto Bowery Bassinet, Espresso: Baby

We still have a lot to do to get the nursery ready...I will take before and after photos.

I have a nice stash of baby stuff already: crib and dresser( they are on order), nursery chair, I have all the bedding (just need the crib mattress), closet organization, cradle and mattress, 30 cloth diapers, diaper bag, variety of toys and stuffed animals, gender neutral clothes, blankets and a few other odds and ends
here is a pic of a few things...

Our chair for the nursery....we put it in our room for now b/c Squirt will be sleeping in our room for a bit

I cannot believe I am less than a week away from 24 weeks...I was reading my pregnancy calendar and I am only 4 weeks away from the 3rd trimester

My sister-in-law is throwing me a baby shower on Dec 1...she made the invites and they are the cutest things ever. Seems like time is just flying by so fast now.

I totally look preggo in clothes tummy is growing my belly button was once an innie...but it started to pop out last week

November 2, 2013
23weeks 2 Days
  • Weight: 144
  • Waist: 36
  • Mood: thrilled and excited....every time I feel kicks...I get so happy
  • Energy: Loads of energy....ive been cleaning the house like crazy
  • Appetite: i snack throughout the day and I eat small meals...too much food makes me feel sick
  • Cravings: no real cravings lately
  • Morning sickness: still have to take Zofran to keep the nausea away
  • Turn offs: sweets....tried to eat some halloween candy but it made me sick
  • Symptoms: constipation has returned....yuck...ive upped my fiber intake to try and help, belly button popping out, leg cramps at night are painful....ive been eating bananas which has helped.
Thank you *Sharon*for my beautiful siggy!

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