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November 9th, 2013, 01:13 AM
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DH doesn't consume any fruit period. He can drink orange juice, and cranberry blends (100% ones). He can't handle the texture of fruit (gritty, grainy, fibrous, etc). Heck, he doesn't even like the texture of a milkshake....

I just can't risk the maca right now for multiple reasons. He's already "frustrated" because he's too tired... and my sex drive seems to have disappeared yet again to start with. If anyone should be taking it, it's me.. but I've seen warnings against Hashi's people taking it.

We have tried vitex in the form of fertilitea on more than one occasion. Each one earning a bfp, and a subsequent miscarriage. I have considered buying it in drops or pills to make it easier to remember to take, but not until my 2nd December cycle.

ANNND to top it off he's developed a reaction to pre-seed and we have to stop using it... *head desk* Is it 2014 yet?
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Me: Hashi's, PCOS, Insulin resistant, Multiple miscarriages
Polypectomy - 08/21/14 Laproscopy - 12/05/2014
Him: MFI low count, low morphology, low motillity
Vitamins started August 2nd. Hoping to see specialist in 2015
Cycle 1: Clomid cd3-7 ~ bfn
Cycle 2: Clomid cd 3-7 ~ beta negative (< 3)
Cycle 3: Lap on cd 2 - Femara cd 3-7 - bfn
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