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November 9th, 2013, 11:24 AM
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Happy 17 months to my daughter... she is now walking with ease...she is trying to run and when she does that she usually falls. Well took her to Ear Nose Throat doctor and because she has had so many ear infections she will be having a surgery to put tubes into her ears. This will happen on Dec 5th (one day after my 33rd bday) Not thrilled but do want my daughter feeling better and able to hear better.

Well got some shocking news 2 days ago. My baby sister hid her pregnancy til 2 days ago. She told me that she is 24 weeks pregnant and is due March 1st, 2014....this news has spiked my baby fever through the roof!!!!! Also my moms dream about me having a son next also spiked my baby fever.

Hubby & I are ttc natural....I hope to get pregnant with baby #2 Team Blue before my bday on 12/4 I havent had a period for some months now...which means I am hoping for a miracle pregnancy.

2014 will be an awesome year!!! When sisters baby is born I will be the proud aunt to 2 boys and 2 girls.. Well daughter woke up from nap I must go.

Team blue baby dust!!!

I have a DD & TTC a Boy! & tt lose weight
April 29,15 will be 12weeks of taking Vitex.
after that, I just take one pill per day.

Niece or Nephew on the way!!!!!
March Charlie 6 Lorenzo 6 Tamara 35 months Arielle 1 Lillian 7 mos
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July Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 Tamara 3 Arielle 1 Lillian 11 months
Aug Charlie 6 lorenzo 6 tamara 3 arielle 1ys old Lillian 1
Sept Charlie 7 Lorenzo 7 tamara 3 arielle 1ys Lillian 1ysOct 2015 niece/nephew on the way!

to get things like fertilityblend (check!
*We currently take Geritol. Check!
*Conceive Plus by Sasmar Check!
Welcome Womb(check!)
progesterone supplements

ClearBlue Fertility monitor and fertility monitor test strips by ClearBlue.
I am considering to buy that.
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