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Originally Posted by lovemylittlemiss View Post
I personally would go with just 2 names that I liked if I was having twins...I really don't like matchy names for twins or sibsets (including those with same first letter). I feel l like when you go matchy you usually have to compromise to make them match. Picking 2 separate names also might show that you acknowledge them as 2 separate individuals. Of course, if the two names you really like happen to match or start with the same letter than that is different; I just wouldn't go out of my way to pick two that matched, but that is just me.

How did you do it with your other twins if you don't mind me asking? (Sorry if I'm reading it wrong and you don't have another set)
The 6 yr olds are my DHs kids with his ex so I wasn't involved in that naming process. And they are B/G twins with names that my DH and his ex liked and they aren't matchy matchy at all. I feel like same sex twins are so much harder to name. Lol.
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