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December 8th, 2013, 04:06 AM
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This is why I have yet to buy anything this pregnancy. Money is tight especially between Christmas and paying for my delivery of this baby ($2500 and I have only been to the doctor twice!!! A little ridiculous no?) and we need a new van ASAP (another $1,500 down in cash). So, yeah- I have no interest in buying butt ugly clothes that don't really fit!! Ugh. I have found some okay stuff at gap and old navy in the past. I have one pair of stretchy regular jeans that are perfect pregnancy jeans because they are so low (uncomfortably low when I'm not pregnant but I always wear my shirts really long) from Maurice's- I think the brand is hydraulic?? They fit perfectly before I got pregnant (well all my jeans are big in the waist bc of how I'm shaped) and are still very comfy now. Also, my sister handed me down a bunch of maternity and it's all just longer regular looking shirts. If you just get some regular clothes slightly bigger maybe that would work better and then you have some clothes to wear post pregnancy anyway???
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