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December 8th, 2013, 01:22 PM
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It is an 18 minute drive from our home to the hospital I (tentatively) want to give birth at. We haven't seen it yet but I like the looks of it based on the website. They do water births there and allow you to leave after 6 hours from giving birth (if all systems are go, of course) and it has a NICU. It is across the river and in a different city/state but I was very unsatisfied with the hospital I gave birth at in our town for various reasons...I will spare you the details but let's just say it really put a damper on my birth experience. Anyway, DH is making a huge deal about how far away this hospital is, even though it is only 6mins further away than the other one. There is risk that it could take longer to get there if we have to leave during rush hour or if there is an accident, but still. My labor with DD was nearly 48hrs..I highly doubt I will be one of those moms that barely makes it to the hospital in time. To make matters worse, he told his step dad that is where we are going and he also doesn't think it is a good idea. FIL and I don't get along and I'm worried he is going to try to confront me about this even though it is none of his business...he never had kids of his own so he probably thinks that the woman's water breaks dramatically and then she pushes the baby out in 30mins (this is basically what DH and one of his friends used to think until I told them otherwise lol).

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