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December 8th, 2013, 02:42 PM
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I don't know lol. We have a few choices. In the end it depends on what happens. At 36 weeks I get an ultrasound to check size and if baby is too big its an automatic C-section. With my DD she was 9 lbs 6 oz which I know isn't huge for some people...but I barely got her out! Even then it was a nightmare of shoulder dystocia, 3 hours of pushing, DDs heartrate plummeted, and they had to basically rip her out of me. I had a lot of stitches and a horrid time healing and she had no use of her one arm for a week or so and fluid in her lungs. So if this baby is big I don't really have a choice. And no, I didn't have gestational diabetes and I only gained 21 lbs. DHs family just has really big babies!!

The hospital In my town is about 15 minutes away. The pros for that one is that my doctor will hopefully be there and hes one of the best OBs around. But that's not even a guarantee.....its a tiny hospital with very little equipment and very few staff. Andmy OB is one of 7 that rotate so I don't know who I'd end up with.

The other hospital in the area is 45 minutes away. Its also a bit of a tough choice. Its bigger but theres a lot of really bad stories that out of that hospital. A lot of malpractice suits.....but it is bigger and has higher trained staff and better equipment. Plus they have access to air vac.

The one I'm almost tempted to go to is almost 2 hours away but is an amazing hospital! Has the best of everything. I was in labour for just under 24 hours with DD so I think I could make it. And if not I'll be passing right by the 45 minute one on the way......

So I guess we'll see! If I have a C-section I'll just go the close one though. I trust my doctor more than someone I haven't met and if it was scheduled then he'd book it on a day when he was working.

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