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December 8th, 2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by lovemylittlemiss View Post
I don't blame you for going for a section if this baby looks big...I've heard some scary stories about shoulder dystocia. I have type I diabetes and it is something that I worry about too...DD was 7lbs 13oz and didn't have it but it is still something that is on my mind for this one. I have read that most cases of shoulder dystocia are just random like yours was and unrelated to maternal diabetes...probably because they are closely monitoring a woman with diabetes and recommend a section if baby is looking big. As much as I want another vaginal birth, in a way there are pros to having a planned section...especially since I've heard it is much better than having an emergency one.
Yeah sadly the thought of having shoulder dystocia again scares me more than having a C-section. I think a lot of it was just bad luck. they did an ultrasound on DD at 36 weeks and said she was already 8 lbs 10 oz so they knew she was big. No big deal though....lots of women successfully have big babies! I was kinda sad that I wasn't one of those wonderful women. I'm totally leaning towards a C-section. Thankfully my OB is amazing and keeps reassuring me that he won't let that happen again. So I'm not making any solid plans. I'll just take it one day at a time and see what happens!

Ellie was induced at 38 weeks because of her size and this doctor is very anti-induction unless medically its needed. He said if baby gets big then it will just guarantee the C-section. He likes babies as close to full term as possible!

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