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December 8th, 2013, 06:09 PM
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Posts: 2,366 have a big discussion with my boss. So he has known since 10 weeks that I was
pregnant. But he's been saying some really out of touch things that makes me nervous. If you recall, I work at a non-profit, there are like 10-15 of us including interns that work there. I am the only one who can do my job.

Big issue: One of the major events I do is mid/end of June. When I said to him that "oh hey, looks like we're going to have to discuss when the new event date is" he looked at me like, "What are you talking about?" and said something to the extent of the event needing to be at the same time.

This event takes months of planning. From about May 1 until the end of June, everything else at work falls to the wayside for me priority-wise. There is literally no one else who can do this event but me (I pretty much created it).

He also doesn't know that I'll be requesting to go from full-time to part-time with some additional at-home hours (BIGGER issue). My game plan is to suggest that he hires and part-timer with the remainder of my hours/pay.

I want to take the 6 weeks of paid maternity, plus 2 weeks of paid sick/vacay time. If needed I won't hesitate to add on a month of short-term disability.

I'm really nervous now based on his responses and clueless-ness that he is not going to take all of this well. I know he can't fire me and legally I'm entitled to 12 weeks of mat time, but I suspect he expects me to plan this event while on mat leave. And now it's making me even MORE nervous about asking about the p/t thing....

So my question: When would you have both of these discussions? I don't want to have either of them too soon, but the event planning begins pretty early on. Sorry this is so long, but I'm having tons of anxiety about this whole situation, and I have to work at least part-time, financially-speaking.
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