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December 8th, 2013, 07:35 PM
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I actually just told my boss this past Friday (I also work at a nfp). I too have a lot that goes on in June, related to the end of the school year, which will need coverage. Before I told him, I prepared a spreadsheet with three columns- Dates, Tasks, and Staff/Departments. I began with April and listed all the tasks on which I would be working ahead, and the things my replacement would need to be learning at that time. The Staff/Depts column listed other people in the organization who would need to be involved (eg. for a grant report, they need to coordinate with Development & Finance. For the new brochure, they need to work with Marketing). I continued with tasks over the summer, through August when I plan to return. I wasn't super-detailed- just listed basic tasks & activities and will flesh out later once we've identified a replacement.

You know your job best, and I think if you can take the initiative to outline the tasks and deadlines, it'll help your boss and probably impress him with how organized you are. This in turn will help you as you hope to transition to part-time.

And speaking of that, I personally would NOT tell him you plan to go part time until you are ready to return after leave. Legally you don't have to do so. The only implication would be if your company pays health insurance for you- unless they're also offered to part-timers you may have to pay the company back. But again, that's not something you have to discuss in advance.
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