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December 9th, 2013, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by mommy2b43 View Post
I'm driving 40 minutes because the hospital near me is awful and the one next near doesn't have a good OB. My doctor is awesome. My first labor was 19 hours (that hospital was over an hour away bc I moved at 7 months pregnant). My second labor was 6 hours and only 3 of them in the hospital. I'm a little nervous about this one going really fast and me having the baby in the car. Riding in the car during contractions is pure hell. My doctor has just said I need to go straight to the hospital as soon as I go into labor.

18 minutes is nothing. I would definitely do that- heck- lots of people are at least 20 minutes from the nearest hospital and if it's in rush hour or an emergency you can always go to the other hospital if you *have * to but I'd rather go to the hospital I was comfortable with and take the small risk of having to end up at the other hospital than just plan for the hospital I wasn't comfortable with!!
That's what I'm thinking but of course men don't get that Theoretically we could be stuck in traffic for an hour or so but is a chance that I'm willing to take. Not to mention there is a high probability they will want to induce me on my due date because of type I diabetes. I haven't decided yet if I will consent to that or not though; it depends on how I'm feeling/the diabetes/how the baby is doing. If I end up deciding to go along with that obviously the drive will make zero difference.

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