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December 9th, 2013, 06:40 AM
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Our anatomy scan is in a few hours and now I am getting nervous. With DD, my doc scared the crap out of me because she had a cyst on her brain which I now know is a normal variant of anatomy. I think this time I will tell him not to tell me if it's something like that that will make me worry unnecessarily.

If you can, please shoot out a prayer for a normal, healthy baby! Thank you so much! Will post pictures of the little booger when I get them!


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Baby looked awesome with no problems! Cervix was super long and everything looked perfect. We definitely saw boy parts! Ding dong kept facing forward so I only got one decent profile and the rest were creepy skeleton face from a horror movie! Lol! Here are our pics:

The junk shot:

Creepy face:

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