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December 16th, 2013, 09:01 PM
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So many women I know ended up being able to just pop out babies after they had their first. Took us two years to the day to conceive our first, then within 5 years, we had 8 more pregnancies. Some were literally two or more cycles in a row.

DH named her after a Magic the Gathering card, no joke. I wanted a Lily, and he suggested Vale, "girlfriend of Batman." He then asked for Liliana, and I said as long as we called her Lily. Later he told me it was from a card game. Lol Which is fine. It's a fun game.

So you are team green? Were you with Jake? I never could hold out.

3 on Earth and 7 in Heaven NTNP for #4 and doing the boy diet till!
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