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January 5th, 2014, 11:32 AM
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Hey ladies, I posted this on TTCMA but haven't had any biters yet and I'm really curious!

So I was at dinner last night w/ family, and had to leave early because I got some really bad cramps all of the sudden... it's like I could feel my entire uterus. I thought "maybe it's just gas"... because I am a little gassy too ... but if didn't feel like GI cramping... it's def. lower abdomen, uterine cramps like AF but with some weird twinges. I've never had cramps other than right before/during my AF. It's sore today, like how you feel when you work out with a really tough ab workout the day before when I move. I'm sure it'll go away soon.

So! My question is this - anyone ever have this issue? Could it be from the progesterone? (this is my first cycle using progesterone).
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