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January 5th, 2014, 04:26 PM
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no it wasn't GI - It was def. uterine. I'm thinking it was progesterone or maybe a cyst? Not getting my hopes up, but yeah reading things like that MrsHopeful really makes think "hmmm???!!!"

Tonight, I just got some crazy tooth sensitivity. I'm like "just great, getting a cavity right when I'm trying to get my BFP - just in time to make me think it's something more than it is!"

I'm super cautiously optimistic. I really have been very careful not to overanalyze every little symptom or twinge or anything, because I know it can really make someone crazy and get their hopes up and lead to bad heatache. But that cramping yesterday was INTENSE and so different from the norm... and then this tooth sensitivity tonight.. I told my DH that if I catch a stomach bug and vomit tomorrow, I'll really think the world is playing a dirty trick on me!

I tested out of my trigger, so hcg is gone! yay! Hoping the BFP comes back with a vengeance and makes me sick sick sick!!
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