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January 7th, 2014, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by KellJoO View Post
My plan is to STOP paying so much attention & stressing and to focus on ME and being healthy. I think shedding some LBS will be very helpful and a good self esteem boost. No more testing of any sort (unless I'm late) and time to get my booty in gear!!!
I need to do this too. I looked at myself naked today, and I was so upset with myself! I know I have packed on 10+ pounds over the last 3 months. I'm starting to count calories again. I would love to shift some weight before we get pregnant or I'll end up huge. Being an emotional eater is really hard. I need to take control. I'm also not testing like crazy anymore. This cycle I only tested 2x and I was really proud of myself! This cycle, not until 14DPO (pre AF spotting happens at 12-13DPO).

Anyone else just starting or about to start a new cycle? Mine officially starts 1/8. Today was the pre AF brown yucky spotting. I can always tell when AF is near. 1-2 days before I get so hungry I feel like I'm literally starving. No matter how much food I eat my stomach growls and feels empty. I normally eat everything in sight without realizing it's because of AF coming. Charting really helped me identify the trend. Anyone else do this too?

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