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January 13th, 2014, 05:41 AM
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I actually released two eggs this month (I have O pain every month and there's no denying which side it came from) and this month I felt both ovaries release. What is interesting though is I felt implantation on the right side at about 9 DPO, my betas were rising slowly (I am only speculating this based on how slow my tests darkened) but a day or two later I felt implantation on the left side and my tests started getting darker. Only time will tell when I get my first ultra sound, but I think I implanted both eggs but lost one.
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TTC Cycle #2 - Chemical pregnancy
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Cycle #4 - Planning on WTTC, but was surprised with a BFP 4/11/14. First beta on 4/15/14 @ 12 DPO= 154.2, beta on 4/17/14 @ 14 DPO was 459.1, beta on 4/23/14 @ 20 DPO = 6,195!

After 3 early losses I am cautiously expecting a Christmas miracle.

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