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January 14th, 2014, 12:17 PM
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Hello Ladies
I am in need of feedback or advice from women who may have/had a similar situation

I found out that Iam pregnant and i am absolutely terrified
I am 25 and on a fixed income
I am slated to start college this Thursday

Me and my boyfriend are still together but our relationship is rocky

We live together, even the house we live in isn't suitable for a baby

We have had some major hurdles
We have been together 6 years
And marriage is not in the near future

He is a hard working guy
But we still struggle financially
He has a child from a prior relationship

Me myself I have never even held a baby
I have no experience with them at all
This is such bad timing

I have zero support as far as friends or family
I come from a long line of dysfunction and II fear having a child
Under these circumstances I will be continuing the cycle,

I'm a mess..

My boyfriend on the other hand is happy
And tells me I am worrying to much, but I just don't think he is
Thinking logically..
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