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January 24th, 2014, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Missa_Mae View Post
Personally - I would not recommend Xanax during pregnancy. I believe it's a Class D med (or X - I don't remember) which means it's been proven to affect the baby.

However, with that said I do know some Doctor's "ok" it for very very rare use during pregnancy - as long as you are carefully watched/monitored.

I would be very open and honest about your meds with your OB. You'd be surprised how may Antidepressants are now considered "safe" during pregnancy with very low/little risk of long term effects.

I took a very low dose of Zoloft during my pregnancy and although my daughter was 4 weeks early (they assured me it wasn't from the Zoloft) - she was perfectly healthy and has hit every milestone thus far.

Good luck
I took zyprexa and zoloft when I was pregnant with my son and he had a multitude of problems. I believe my meds played a part in his problems.

I know there are meds out there that are "safe" to take when you are pregnant but I would read up on anyone you take, regardless of what your doc says. My doc said zyprexa was safe and come to find out there was a major lawsuit against them for causing diabetes. I had very high blood sugars with him and I remember trying to talk to my doc about the zyprexa but it wasn't in her little book and she apparently doesn't know how to use the internet. I guess my point is, look into options that are safe and that you feel comfortable with, and then talk to your doctor about it.

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