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February 1st, 2014, 06:14 AM
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Half a cup? What's the point! I bought some decaf yesterday, OMG ew! The deaf tasted nothing like the original even though it was the same roast. I'm going to have to try some other brands. Last few days it has not mattered how much coffee I drink, I still crash mid day and end up falling asleep for 2-3 hours on the sofa.

I want to test, but I also don't want to know if I had a chemical... I have seen far to many charts on FF where they got a +HPT but then AF came right on time. Almost makes me want to wait until after AF is due.

All we wanted for Christmas was 2 lines and a + sign.
After 14 months of TTC we are due with our first child August 15 2015!!!
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