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February 11th, 2014, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Bshields79 View Post
We had another beta after pains this weekend. Unfortunately in 5 days we have only increased from 182 to 289. So we had an u/s to rule out ectopic. We did see the sac but I guess that doesn't fully rule out ectopic. We retest Wednesday to see if the hormone decreases. If not it will be surgery.

My hubby told me afterwards that his mother had to have another round of chemo. Not a good start to 2014 as we hoped.

Good luck to everyone. I think I will need to take a break to get my thoughts together. I hope to log back on to more success stories. Thanks for everyone's love and support.
Hi Bshields79!

How many DPO`s you are already?
Are you still using the Crincone gel/Progrestone? If yes, then your hormones should increase.
Are you about 5 weeks? If yes then its a pretty good sign that you saw the sac....(I didn't see mine.. but ofcourse your Hcg level are much higher..)
for You!
Don't loose the hope here!!
Update us what your retest was, we are here to support you!! ((Hugs))
Thinking of you!
Our history
DH 24 ME 27

TTC since Mai 2012

ER: 14.01.14 (retrived 14 eggs, 8 was mature, all 8 fertilized)
ET: 17.01.14 (One, 8 cell perfect embryo transfered, 5 frosties)
BETA: 13dp3dpt, 30.01.2014
BFP on Clearblue digi on 30th January, FMU, before my BETA
1st BETA 49,
2nd BETA 3 Feb. 2014. was 120...
Our IVF failed...AF came 9.02.14

IVF #2
FET was scheduled 4.04.14
5 frosties didn`t survived the night...their`s development stopped..

ER: 17.06.14 (retrived 12 eggs, 6 fertilized)
ET: 19.06.14 ( Two, 4-cell embies transfered) BFN!! 3 frosties
BETA: 14dp2dt, 03.07.14 Negative

FET 17.09.14 (2 beautiful blastocysts transfered). FX now!

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