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February 18th, 2014, 09:57 AM
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It is one syllable- The SR is like the SR in Sri Lanka.

Srey has a lot going on with three sounds in one syllable. Kinda like the word "screech."

I talked to my old roomie: she recommended Serey for an Americanization. It takes the SR and makes it into a full syllable. Serey is also an actual Cambodian name, meaning "beauty"

So, going to go with that, methinks! Although I also like the "Serae" spelling that was suggested, too. Srey is very feminine to me, but that may be because I know a woman with the name. Will have to think about whether "Serey" is masculine looking.

Thanks all, for your input! It has been really helpful.

Team pink! Due on or around 10-01-14.

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