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March 3rd, 2014, 09:39 AM
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Hi can anyone help me I have a regular 31day cycle my last period was 30th december to 6th january since then I havent had a period a few days before I was due I had some spotting I assumed it was my period but only lasted an hour a was very very light not like a period atall! I am usually always on time NEVER miss a period so kind of confused now the last few days iv been experiencing some cramping and been getting bad headaches. I am alot more tired than normal sleeping alot more I even feel tired when I wake up! I have been going to the bathroom alot more than usual and have been very thirsty lately to. A few days ago I was out shopping felt very dizzy all of a sudden and felt very sick after being sick I still felt ill so went home I had a nap for an hour and the sickness went away. I have had 4 negative tests last one I did was last week.

anyone ever had this and what was your outcome and what should I do? Please help
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