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March 20th, 2014, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by stillwaiting View Post
Thanks April, Katie, KMH and Liyana!!! Liyana, good luck girl! I'm soooooo happy AF showed for you! I will only be a few days behind you!!!

I had my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork today, I have 2 <10mm on the right and 4<10mm on the left. Not SUPER happy with that, as I thought the estrogen priming protocol would let me squeak out a few more eggs than last time (I had 6 AFC last time too)...but maybe some more will pop up. They always have a hard time finding my ovaries at the beginning, when the follies are small, it floats behind my uterus! I never knew they just floated around and moved in your abdomen until IVF LOL ....

Sat - Start Menopur and Bravelle!!!
Monday - B/W
Wed - B/W and U/S

Game on!!!!!!

Liyana, will you test? When will you start testing?

Hii darling!!
I am so glad to follow your journey!! I am very excited about you!! I wish you the best from my heart!!
It will work this time, believe in this!!
I hope your eggs will grow nicely and they will double!!
You don't know yet, you gonna have 5 day transfer?

I know that I am going to have this time @4 Day transfer (bc at last time I have @3 Day transfer - and I have 5 frosties in total) Hope fully my frosties will make the "melting process" through!!!!

Anyway honey for you!!!
Our history
DH 24 ME 27

TTC since Mai 2012

ER: 14.01.14 (retrived 14 eggs, 8 was mature, all 8 fertilized)
ET: 17.01.14 (One, 8 cell perfect embryo transfered, 5 frosties)
BETA: 13dp3dpt, 30.01.2014
BFP on Clearblue digi on 30th January, FMU, before my BETA
1st BETA 49,
2nd BETA 3 Feb. 2014. was 120...
Our IVF failed...AF came 9.02.14

IVF #2
FET was scheduled 4.04.14
5 frosties didn`t survived the night...their`s development stopped..

ER: 17.06.14 (retrived 12 eggs, 6 fertilized)
ET: 19.06.14 ( Two, 4-cell embies transfered) BFN!! 3 frosties

BETA: 14dp2dt, 03.07.14 Negative

FET is scheduled 17 September 2014

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