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March 20th, 2014, 07:04 PM
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Going to probably be joining you ladies, if things work out the way they should. Hopefully at least by May I'll have an ER done. I have DOR and will be doing mini stim (though looking at the protocol my doc is proposing, it's almost medium stim)... but anyways, waiting on AF FOREVER and going to start provera on Monday if AF doesn't show before then, since the coordinator can't meet with me until next Friday. Anyhow.. trying to find meds now and get the best price I can find. It's so taboo to talk about on these things it appears, but I'm curious as to any thoughts on Pharmacies to use. If it's against the law to talk about here, I'd love a PM! Any help would be appreciated. We're paying OOP for everything.. and we're planning on 3 ERs... then freezing any blasts we may get... and then ER when that's all done. Hoping the best for all of you!
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