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April 30th, 2014, 11:12 AM
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I've been MIA because baby girl spent a few days in the hospital She was examined by several doctors before we were supposed to be discharge and everything always checked out fine...however, the actual day we were supposed to be discharged they decided to admit her because of a rash she could have been normal but could have been bacterial. Her vitals were all good and she was eating well but I guess they were just being cautious. Thankfully the hospital had a newborn unit so she didn't have to be transferred out. That same day they also pulled the rug out from underneath us by saying I should stay longer because my hemoglobin is so low (6.6). However, I left against medical advice because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stay with the baby. She ended up having to stay two nights there and even though the stay could have been longer it still broke my heart I was so sad about it I didn't even want to post. Because she continued to thrive there and the rash was improving we were finally able to come home today. I'm so happy because I hated that others were taking care of her. I wanted to be with her all the time but I also needed to be home for DD1. Blah. I'm pretty sure it was just a normal rash but of course you always want to be on the safe side with newborns. I guess the important thing is that she is home now and it wasn't really serious but it still sucked.

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