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May 1st, 2014, 09:57 AM
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My contractions gave me a much needed day off lol! I was tired but I got my wonderful break and slept through a lot of the day. Thankfully DH was off so he could tend to Ellie all day. Which was a MIRACLE!! That turkey had a cross country running meet from 12-2, then dance from 230-330, then came home and ran in the sprinkler and played with the puppy until 630. I think DH finally tossed her in the bathtub out of sheer desperation lol. I would have passed out trying to keep up with her all day. I guess shes feeling all better now!

Baby was also super quiet yesterday.....I wonder what the little monster is up to in there? Woke up this morning with bad contractions again and shes active today so maybe we just both needed a break. Either way shes on lockdown until tomorrow night. For the next 24 hours I have no childcare for Ellie so crossing my fingers and hoping baby doesnt come today!

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