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May 1st, 2014, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Decemberhill View Post
I can feel your frustration! I too am hoping for a VBAC. I opted not to get checked at my 36 week appointment so I didn't dwell on it. My next appt I will 38.3 weeks and after I am checked, that's when I will make the decision. I am trying to be really proactive…walking everyday day, bouncing on my ball, drinking red raspberry tea, eating a crap ton of pineapple and last night I started taking EPO. We shall see!
Good luck hun! I am going to chiropractor today to get adjusted. He said he could help get my pelvis open/in alignment; have also been doing daily red raspberry tea leaf and EPO orally and just started inserting one vaginally. I am gonna start bouncing on my ball, walking and trying to have lots of SEX I have a motherhood massage with reflexology next Friday also! I am determined to have this VBAC. With my DS, I never dilated past a 1 They said my pelvis was very narrow
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