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May 2nd, 2014, 12:21 PM
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Name: Megan

Due Date/How many weeks OR How old is your baby? May 29, 36 wks

Do you have an Induction/C-Section Date? no

Gender/Name? female/ Elise Helen

How are you feeling? Miserable, big, uncomfortable. My ankle bones are disappearing, upper back is killing me and nothing is helping. And but seriously is anyone else finding it hard to reach your bum when you're in the bathroom?

Ready for baby? Yes and no. Ready to be done being pregnant, but I'm terrified to have a little human relying on me. Hoping to make it at least until my store's Grand opening on the 15th. Everyone kept saying I'll go into labor then, but now I'm not even scheduled to work that day. They'll at least let me be there for the opening ceremony.

Dilation/Effacement? Cervix is soft and close as of last week.

Anything new or you'd like to add? Almost done with the nursery. Just need to hang some pics (and finish drawing the last one), get a rug and rocker in there, then I want to set up the playpen and swing in the living room, but we need to sell our entertainment center to make room. Craigslist has only brought on a bunch of flaky people who ask questions that are answered in the posting or say they're coming to look at it but never show up. Know anyone looking for a big entertainment center?

36 week belly pic

Nursery pics. The dresser is a bit cluttered, but I don't have any storage bins or shelves, yet to keep things stored in. And yes, we need a closet door. This house had none. We finally got a couple put up.

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