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May 3rd, 2014, 07:49 AM
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and which is harder for you to manage?

I have much more problems with mania and hypomania than I do depression. My manic/hypomanic episodes last much longer than my depression episodes. My depression usually only lasts 2 or 3 days but when it does it hits HARD. I find myself liking the mania because it feels good and haven't always managed it as well as I should. In the past, I've found myself wanting to stay up so I would feed my mania so that I stay manic longer and don't get depressed instead of trying to do things to stay calm. I am doing much better these days with managing both because I am on effective medications that really work as long as I don't miss any doses. I've downloaded an app to help me so I don't forget to take them and it's made a huge difference and I realize how much better I feel when I consistently take everything on time.

But in general my mania is much harder for me to manage and sometimes I will feel like I'm fine, feel great, but later have regrets or anxiety about how obnoxious I acted while in that state. I'm pretty obnoxious anyway. Most of my good friends are used to it and know how to take me. But, I talk a whole lot when I get like this and will overshare or give out relationship/sex advice etc when I should probably chill out and keep it to myself. But, I have been married 18 years so I think I know a thing or two about relationships. LOL

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