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May 14th, 2014, 04:36 PM
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I hear ya about the weight gain. Seems like all mine is booty, thigh, and love handle. Very frustrating but I have high hopes it will go away soon after baby arrives. You still look great! I love the pics of your belly laying down! So funny seeing that little bump there! I don't feel like I've "popped" yet. I still look like I just eat to much instead of pregnant haha! Hopefully soon it will look like baby and not pudge!
1/19/14 -
1/21/14 - had 1st ultrasound (no bean yet) to try and date pregnancy. HCG tests ordered. First one was 217
1/23/14 - beta 518
1/25/14 - beta 1232
1/27/14 - beta 2755
1/31/14 - ultrasound showing gestational sac and yolk sac
2/11/14 - ultrasound showing baby and heart rate at 140 bpm
2/28/14 - first appointment to take history
3/20/14 - NT scan and doctor appointment
4/15/14 - 16 week appointment heart rate 156 bpm
5/16/14 - anatomy scan - it's a
BOY!! Heart rate 146 bpm
6/11/14 - doctors appointment. Everything looks great! Measuring right on track. Baby hb 147 bpm
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