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June 27th, 2014, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by *Leah* View Post
If you have a clinic near you that you can do the IUI, then you *probably* can do all your bloodwork and monitoring at that clinic and just the big stuff (initial appt, SHG, retrieval and transfer) at the big clinic farther away. And a lot of the IUI clinics do open earlier. Also, some of my appts were only a blood draw, I was in and out in less than 10 mins. Call the IVF clinic and see if they have any satellite offices in your area?

I work with my parents, so they didn't mind if I was gone, as long as I get my work done. I know it's not that easy for everyone

PS good luck on the job search!

I can do labs locally, but my OB said everything else would get done in Milwaukee. IUI's would be done via my OB, but only if his counts improved drastically. They recommend nothing below 3 mil for IUI.. that's 5x what his first SA was :/

I could see me having to either get a medical leave for two weeks every time we cycled, or fessing up to what we were doing. Call centers aren't usually that forgiving in their time off. :/ He told me not to stress, I can quit if I have to because we'll have saved up the money for it before we do it, so we wouldn't "NEED" the income. But the back of my head says "but you can buy nicer things if you work.. think of all the cloth diapers!" rofl.
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