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March 18th, 2007, 07:49 PM
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! November is a great month to be born. (My birthday is in Nov. )

1) What do you do with the older kids while delivering?

For both our homebirths our children were there, but not in the same room. It is very handy to have an extra adult or teen to stay with your children and keep them distracted.

2) How do you prepare....what do you need? I know my mw can answer that one though

The first time we were given a complete birthing list by the midwife, and we were supposed to have those supplies at our house by 36 weeks. Some midwives supply everything as part of their services. The second time we needed nothing but umbilical clamps, blunt-tipped scissors, a bowl to catch the afterbirth, and towels/blankets.

3) What if there are problems? Our last homebirth ended up as an unassisted stillbirth (we knew she had died ahead of time), and we somehow got through it with lots of prayer. Yes, problems are extremely rare in healthy women (thank God!) so the best thing to do is eat well, stay hydrated, and keep in tune with your body. Also, midwives are trained to spot problems before they develop into emergencies. How she handles "problems" is definitely something else to talk to your midwife about.
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