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July 23rd, 2007, 02:23 PM
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I was scheduled to be induced Sunday 7/15/07 due to high blood pressure, almost pre e. We arrived at the hospital at 6:00pm, got all settled in our room, the nurses asked a bunch of questions and at 7:00pm they started me on Cervidil. Time was flying by me and my dh were just talking the whole time. The nurses kept coming in and out of the room to check my bp and to adjust my monitors because they kept falling off where the babies heart beat was. So a few hours go by, I can't sleep, I'm way too excited. So the nurse gives me a sleeping pill. I still can't sleep. I ended up going to the bathroom literally every 10-15 minutes for some reason, my poor dh helped me every time get unhooked from the monitors. By 4 am, I start feeling back pain, on the monitor it said my contractions were at 115 when normally they were at about 50. They wanted to keep me on the Cervidil for 12 hours, so at 7am, they checked my cervix and took out the Cervidil. I was dialated to 3.

So the morning continues with the nurses in and out, my contractions are getting worse, the pain was getting unbearable. I couldn't take it, I tried to hold out as long as possible on the pain medication so I'd have it last through labor. It felt like my back was being crushed by 2 semi trucks. I ended up sitting on one of those excersize balls and had it up against the bed and laid that way with my dh rubbing my back. After a few hours of the pain I started to actually cry, that's when I asked the nurse to find out about pain medication. She called my dr and he said it was fine to have an epidural now. So they propped me up really high and put it in, I felt a pain shoot up through my neck I freaked out I thought something was wrong but that was only for a second.

Immediately after I felt relief, I sat back on the bed and relaxed. That was the best feeling in the world! They checked me about 4pm and I was dilated to about 4.5 cm. The dr ended up breaking my water. After that I ended up sleeping for 2 hours, my bp dropped really low and put me on oxygen while I was sleeping. 6pm came around and the nurse checked me, there I was sittin at just about 10 centimeters. It was time to push, I felt like I got on a roller coaster that started with out me knowing. I so wasn't ready! The nurse told me she wasn't going to tell me when to push, just listen to my body and do it when I was ready. I could just barely feel the contractions, my epidural was starting to wear off and I felt a ton of pressure down there like I had a big bm. So I listened to my body and pushed when I felt to, the nurse kept saying I'm doing it like a pro, a natural, all I can think was yeah right they must tell every pregnant woman this! I felt like there was no progress at all. My sister and husband were holding my legs while I pushed. Then the nurse said that she is almost crowned. I couldn't believe it. So the doctor isn't even there yet, she said she had to call him.. once she talked to him she said he'd be in in about 10 minutes... WHAT?! there was no way my body would wait 10 minutes, all my body wanted to do was push. The nurse told me to breathe through the contractions, that was BY FAR the hardest thing about this whole experience. So the doctor finally showed up and just a couple pushes and she was out!! I screamed as he pulled her out, I felt EVERYTHING, the epidural must have worn off a little bit. But then I heard her cry, he held her up I couldn't even look at her I was in so much shock that I just pushed a baby out.

After that they checked her out, her apgar score was a 9. She weighed 7lbs 4oz and was 20 inches long. My dh ended up holding her for the first like 15 minutes, boy was I mad, I felt like I did all that and I couldn't even hold my baby. Now I think about it and it makes me happy that he was so in love right away. But anyways the doctor had to stitch me up, I got a 2nd degree tear. He was getting so frustrated though because his scissors weren't sharp enough. Before I knew how bad the tear was, I was way too scared to ask because he was mad and he said he needed an assistant, that freaked me out, but after all that everything turned out just perfect. I love my baby girl and I feel great. My body is healing well and I would do it over and over. Life is truly a gift and I just never knew the love I had in my heart this whole time.
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