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September 22nd, 2007, 10:07 AM
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wow! Our kids have so much in common. Brandon had this same issue. He went to a feeding clinic for a while because of his chewing/swallowing issues. He had failure to thrive and kept falling off the charts because he wouldn't eat. We had him on purreed food for a really long time and really he mostly drank pediasure until he was three. He is finally eating better but there are still a lot of textures he just doesn't eat. I remember he didn't like certain textures, like I couldn't get him to eat things like pudding or mashed potatoes, he didn't like the texture. I really couldn't get him to eat much of anything for a while if it had a texture to it. What we did, with the advice of the therapist, was just work on adding to the things he would eat. I started cooking around him and making things I knew he would eat and focusing on what he did eat. Then I would add things to his diet here and there that were similar to the things he already liked. I just kept introducing them to him. He tended to eat soft things and not things that he had to do a lot of chewing with. Just keep doing what you are doing and adding texture a little at a time. It is a really slow and frustrating process but it does get better.

((((((HUGS)))))))))))) I will try to think on this some more.

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