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October 3rd, 2005, 10:37 AM
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On Thursday (9/29/05) i went to L+D to start my induction, they started me on cervadil over night, my contractions wernt bad at all. i slept through the night pretty much. i was 1-2cm

in the morning they checked me still only 1-2 cms, i made no progress. then my dr came in and pulled the cervadil out and said he will say im 3cms, and they started the pitocin...this was around 7:30 or 8:00.....he came back at 10 and said i wasnt making any progress, but to call him if i did....i really cant remeber the times but i asked for something for the pain i forget what they gave me but i slept through the 1st half of my labor, then my mom and my aunt showed up and as i was waking up the DR came in and broke my water....about 2hrs later i asked for the epidural. the dr that did it was great...he was brand new at the hospital but he was the best after i relaxed he was able to get it done quick and i LOVE the EPIDURAL after i got it i went back to sleep..woke up around 5 saw my contractions and was like man i dont feel a thing lol...the nurse checked me and said i was 8cm and fully effaced and she called my DR by the time he got there she checked me again and hour later i was 10cm...i started pushing at 6:15 and kylegih rose was born at 6:58. her heart rate kept jumping from like 100 to over 200 so they had to call the pediactrics unit in. the dr pulled her out let craig cut the cord and then they took her to the other side of the room to make sure she was okay....i didnt get to hold her until she was like 30 mins old. i ended up with a high fever and i was shaking so bad they had me wrapped in warm blankets, i also ended up dehydrated. her apgars score where 8+9. i ended up with a small episitomy nothing major.....kyleigh was fine, i pushed her out so quick she ended up not getting all the mucus out of her lungs but they said its normal.

i was hooked up to IVs my entire stay at the hospital bc of my fever, and saturday i was very sick so i really didnt get outta bed until late saturday night sunday morning...i was to sick to breast feed, so kyleigh is on formula...i feel so bad bc i said i was strong about breast feeding, but she is doing great with the formula. she is such a good baby and isnt very fussy.....she looks so much like her father its unbelievable. oh and craig was great with me at the hospital im so lucky to have him...he is so great with kyleigh..well i think thats about it


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