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  1. Thought I was Pregnant.. But with different Father.
  2. 40 yrs old; shocked to be preg with #3
  3. 7 wks along....very much NOT planned
  4. Surprise Surprise
  5. Totally Unexpected Pregnancy
  6. Missed period today!!!!
  7. Could I be pregnant?
  8. Kinda New... Kinda Not
  9. Please read.. long..but need advice.. not judgement
  10. Part of the 1%
  11. What do you think? Is there chance I'm pregnant?
  12. Could I be pregnant?
  13. Pregnant and never been more scared
  14. Help with coming to terms with it
  15. Pregnant after miscarriage and scared to death!
  16. My fwb who's family are strict Mennonites got me pregnant. How will his family react?
  17. How to tell the partner he going to be a father?
  18. Pregnant and scared, please help
  19. Information on how to talk to the fathers of unplanned pregnancies????
  20. how do i tell my family? im in NZ and they're in the UK
  21. UPDATE.....Have you ever had an Abortion? If so........
  22. One For The Movies...
  23. How do I tell my husband?!!! He didn't want anymore!
  24. UPDATE......Please help....made an Abortion Appointment!
  25. Experiencing Cramps Within A Week After Sex?
  26. I'm 25 dpo and 5 days late...... scared and lonely....
  27. help pls
  28. Announcing an unplanned pregnancy..
  29. Is this normal?
  30. Not sure if unplanned pregnancy or something serious?
  31. Please give me some advice here with my unplanned pregnancy situation
  32. Update
  33. Crisis pregnancy really need support/advice
  34. S.O.S
  35. & baby makes 3????
  36. Venting, Need Advice
  37. Scared and no one to talk to
  38. UPDATE: Contemplating Abortion....
  39. So Confused....very torn about what to do....abortion??
  40. i dont think he is goning to help?
  41. Married and Pregnant with my third child......need advice......very concerned!
  42. just looking for some advice..
  43. Pregnant with 3rd Child - Husband Wants Abortion - ADVICE????
  44. Please help, urgent!
  45. help please I'm scared!
  46. pregnant from a guy i think is disgusting
  47. Pregnant after vasectomy?
  48. I need advice, thinking about giving up baby for adoption...
  49. Off the beaten path rant...
  50. Feeling lost...
  51. My experience
  52. Unplanned Pregnancy, Fears
  53. I think I'm pregnant and not sure what to do
  54. Dilemma
  55. Doubts
  56. 20 years old - new relationship w/ guy & pregnant. Opinions?
  57. I am so confused to when I conceived. Can anyone help? Please.
  58. Confused Dad Mothers I need your advise urgently
  59. Scared, Confused and not sure where to turn
  60. Brown spotting - am I pregnant ?
  61. My great debate...
  62. Unplanned and unprepared
  63. New and with insurance questions (X-Posted)
  64. 21 Pregnant with broken hips.
  65. Looking for Help
  66. Ovulating 6th day of Cycle!! Help
  67. Unplanned Pregnancy and then a miscarriage
  68. Need Advice-Don't know how to do this!
  69. Lost..scared
  70. Words of encouragement??
  71. Help other unmarried mothers!
  72. Pregnancy the Pause Button to our relationship?
  73. Unplanned-but was told I cant concieve.
  74. Please help, I dont think I can handle this...
  75. Thinking about abortion. My story
  76. a little bit of ranting
  77. I've made a decision (just venting :))
  78. Shocked
  79. new here, confused, shocked...long ramble, sorry
  80. i need good advice
  81. Atheist in Need of Advice
  82. Nervous with no Direction
  83. to keep or not to keep... that is the question..
  84. I just need to vent and then have a quiet nervous breakdown!
  85. 20 and pregnant.
  86. New to forums - Pregnant & it was unplanned.
  87. 4th baby, unplanned but excited!
  88. Someone help me, this isn't making any sense!
  89. I am a single 21 year old college student and pregnant?!?!?!
  90. University dissertation research
  91. How to PLAN an unplanned pregnancy.....this hs got to be a first
  92. Unplanned Pregnance, not sure what to do!
  93. Mini pill or withdrawal method? Which is most/less effective?
  94. Those who were using withdrawal...
  95. Hello
  96. Proof of Pregnancy
  97. unplanned pregnancy... tough choice
  98. First time pregnant and feel as though I'm becoming an emotional nutcase!
  99. 35 divorced with 2 kids, unplanned pregnancy with ex.
  100. Coming to terms with your pregnancy
  101. Should I be worried?
  102. Regular Responders
  103. Single Mummy 2 Be
  104. OMG
  105. It's OK to not be excited, right?
  106. :(
  107. Even as a 35yr old...I need guidance
  108. Help me!
  109. Looking for Support and Thoughts
  110. Moved across the country, pregnant, and feeling very alone & lost. Any advice?
  111. I'm not excited, or even really happy yet...
  112. Just found out I'm pregnant.... very scared I've harmed the baby, help.
  113. Unplanned pregnancy and breast implants
  114. Spotting on bc question
  115. Scared
  116. How far along might I be?
  117. Excited and Scared!
  118. Found out I'm pregnant today...am I freaking out too much?
  119. Irregular period + possibly pregnant?
  120. Irregular period + possibly pregnant?
  121. So stressed, scared and confused?! bit of a novel
  122. Emotionally Exhausted
  123. pregnancy boom
  124. Just found out I'm pregnant and haven't told him
  125. I'm older, He's younger-We just met... Help!!!
  126. Quick Question !
  127. Unsure Medical Student Pregnant
  128. Did you ever think
  129. Introducing myself
  130. Extremely Confused 9/3 *Update*
  131. Really needing advice/help - Seroquel during early pregnancy?
  132. In College, Not Married, Unplanned Pregnancy
  133. when you're not yet married...
  134. when to start getting ready for baby
  135. Any advice would be amazing.
  136. so stressed...advice?
  137. Help? :(
  138. too young.. and need some advice..
  139. new around here and need advice *updated*
  140. newly pregnant
  141. EPT Digital?
  142. Interesting article about unplanned pregnancy
  143. pregnant... or not
  144. Possibly 5 weeks pregnant
  145. 10 weeks pregnant with Mirena IUD still in
  146. who all here got pregnant from the withdrawal method??
  147. Pregnant and have a 6 month old!
  148. Extremely Confused
  149. Just found out...
  150. Just found out...
  151. Intro
  152. Sorry to start another, need advice telling the father PLZ!
  153. Flip-Flopping and devestated and then feeling guilty about being devestated
  154. What Do I Do?!
  155. Tough decision
  156. There are options
  157. deleted
  158. My story is a bit strange
  159. Prescription drug use before knowing!!!!! please no negativity
  160. Hello
  161. 2nd unplanned pregnancy
  162. this is how I feel
  163. Is the father still around?
  164. 7 weeks and unsure what to do
  165. How did you tell the father ?????
  166. Deciding to keep a baby
  167. Has a stranger ever been rude/ask questions because you're a young mom?
  168. Scared Of Pregnancy :(
  169. Crap.
  170. I'm 21, pregnant, and terrified.
  171. what is your story?
  172. chantix
  173. I don't think my husband will be happy
  174. 27 & Pregnant - what to do..How to.. when to.. tell the Father
  175. 16 and Scared - PMS or Pregnancy Signs. Someone help me?
  176. How long did it take you to tell others you were PG?
  177. New and kinda stressing!
  178. Are any of you wondering about keeping the baby ???
  179. New and kinda freaking out....
  180. On the pill but possible implantation bleeding???
  181. Stepping down from hosting
  182. Anyone still get upset sometimes?
  183. Continuing college(or work) and pregnant - how did you manage?
  184. Here we go again...
  185. Telling the father...again...help??
  186. BFP?
  187. Pregnant with the Mirena
  188. need opinions
  189. First time Prego!
  190. Please help.
  191. New Here
  192. Scared
  193. Very scared and alone :(
  194. Do people ever ask you if your baby was planned?
  195. Birth Control?
  196. My Update
  197. Update :)
  198. I just wanted to stop over and say Hi!
  199. Pregnant again with 5 month old...
  200. How do I tell my dad I'm pregnant ?!
  201. What to Do *kind of long*
  202. in new here [: need some advice please!!
  203. Could really use some advice!!! I'm in a pickle!
  204. How many weeks should I wait before telling him???
  205. unplanned pregnancy help!
  206. Facebook!
  207. GRATZ DramaFreeMama!!!
  208. I really need some advice....
  209. vasectomy question
  210. Have to let this out.
  211. Unsupportive daddy - confused - advice needed
  212. My story, 4 uplanned babies.
  213. New, scared..the usual!
  214. pregnant or tummy bug?
  215. Confused and Scared and Sick
  216. Might be pregnant. Answers greatly needed and appreciated.
  217. Earn while you learn x-posted
  218. No Insurance - 5 weeks - Oregon
  219. Computer is broken
  220. It just gets worse everyday :..( Really sad
  221. on my way to dr apt. UPDATED.
  222. fell.
  223. Sleepless nights
  224. Would like some advice. husband is depressed.
  225. February Check in!
  226. due date club.
  227. Has anyone here had thier baby yet?
  228. my 2 oldest children know.
  229. pregnant and worried
  230. Whats your situation?
  231. Failed methods of contraception
  232. hello. in need of advice.UPDATE
  233. My Story
  234. Unexpected Pregnancy
  235. Preterm Labor Scare
  236. Tonights Viability Scan... X posted in High Risk
  237. Unhappy and can't stop crying
  238. uhhhh....
  239. Need Lots of Information/Totally Lost and Nervous
  240. 2 surprise pregnancies in my life, both this year!
  241. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the Peri I go.....
  242. New to this board and need conception advice!
  243. Can I join?
  244. Are you keeping your prgnancy a secret from anyone?
  245. Hi. Trying to be happy
  246. hello!
  247. January Check In!
  248. New Year's Resolutions!
  249. How far away does your family live?
  250. Holiday plans?

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