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  1. Birth Control Missed Period Negative Test ! Help
  2. Unplanned first pregnancy - I am 34 and my boyfriend is still in school
  3. Unplanned pregnancy
  4. Confused and scared.
  5. I seriously don't know if I am or not... (Teen)
  6. We're keeping the baby, terrified by upcoming changes. Complicated story of my life.
  7. Afraid to compromise the child's future and to traumatize the father
  8. HELP!! Booked holiday abroad but found out I'm pregnant.
  9. pregnant, unplanned, in another country, going home, what to do with bf?
  10. Confused. ..Help!!!
  11. Unplanned, and need to find support
  12. help and advice please
  13. Being viled due to large age gap (unplanned pregnancy)
  14. Unplanned & Scared to Tell Him
  15. mine or her exs?
  16. U/S pic!
  17. Hurting! Advice Please
  18. Unplanned baby number five
  19. Too Young, not sure how to handle.
  20. What to do...
  21. Overwhelmed and Uncertain
  22. 5 weeks pregnant. More than a little conflicted.
  23. At a crossroads
  24. Terrified... & Not Sure if Abortion is Right for Me.
  25. Sad about schooling :(
  26. 4 weeks Pregnant- Please advise
  27. What are some cute ways you decided to tell your parents and other family?
  28. Pregnant possibility?
  29. Got ultrasound, 15 weeks, so excited!! But what will the family say?
  30. May be pregnant, ultrasound TODAY and not sure how I feel about it
  31. Pregnant and both me and bf are in college. What do we do...feeling helpless.
  32. Pregnant with baby number 4 with a 4month old baby!!!!!!!!!
  33. First Post/Unplanned/Freaking out
  34. terrified
  35. Cheated on my husband with his brother and now I'm pregnant. What do I do?
  36. 8 days late
  37. in the middle
  38. I'm too old for this!
  39. 42 days since last period... need help :(
  40. Pregnant, in college, confused
  41. Pregnant, and unable to support ourselves.
  42. 6 Days Late
  43. 23 & Lost
  44. Unexpected pregnancy, no support from ex
  45. Hello
  46. Pregnant with 3rd child, but in the middle of a divorce
  47. Best advice
  48. Pregnant with baby number 3 but my partner said i have to have an abortion
  49. Your story
  50. Check in
  51. unplanned pregnancy and broken up with bf
  52. 21 yrs old, confused and don't know what to do.
  53. BF Wants Parenting Agreement - Help!
  54. So here is my UN-planned Parenthood dilemma....
  55. Unexpected Mama
  56. Help I'm so confused
  57. Unplanned-need help planning the rest of my life!
  58. Doctor think I am pregnant, but negative tests? Help?
  59. Totally overwhelmed with third pregnancy
  60. I don't want to be :(
  61. Contemplating Abortion
  62. I found my board!
  63. Confused. Pregnant or not?
  64. I think I am pregnant from a one night stand...
  65. Hello
  66. Upset and Confused
  67. Father to be. Mother does not care for the child she is carrying.
  68. 20, pregnant and scared
  69. massive shock, need advice!
  70. unplanned pregnancy with an unsupportive baby daddy
  71. Missed Period on Birth Control Pill
  72. newly single and bd wants nothing to do w baby
  73. Venting...
  74. Am I the father?Please help,I'm losing my mind!!!!!
  75. Anyone gotten pregnant using condoms?
  76. Pregnant with third : Abortion? Why/why not?
  77. implantation bleeding, how long after it stopped did you get a positive?
  78. Just found out
  79. Did anyone get pregnant using condoms?
  80. On BC but he came in me?!
  81. I need opinions PLEASE!
  82. Pull out method?
  83. 17 and pregnant probs
  84. Future In-Law :(
  85. I'm over thinking and stressing please help!!!
  86. boyfriend distant
  87. Ready to cry! & Thinking the worst! ):
  88. Pregnant with 3rd and hubby wants abortion
  89. Upset beyond words. Can this get any worse?
  90. 5weeks and im going nuts, HELP please!
  91. THese Cynical Thoughts: Pregnanacy is Suppose to be a Happy Occassion, Right?
  92. I hate being pregnant and I feel angry
  93. Is the father of the child the man who raped me?
  94. Post abortion support
  95. Strange things happening; Questions.
  96. Scared and Confused
  97. scared..shocked
  98. Help anyone due August 29th
  99. Feels like I really screwed this up.
  100. Just found out Im pregnant, no health insurance, where do I go from here?
  101. Need some advice please
  102. pregnant by best friend
  103. father of child making legal threats (long)
  104. Confused-Thinking too much-adoption? Need advice!!!
  105. Anyone on birth control but still got pregnant?
  106. Total regret after abortion
  107. I am tired of feeling alone. *venting*
  108. Booked in for an abortion but still not 100%
  109. Delaying ovulation
  110. Is it signs of Bering pregnant with marina
  111. I screwed up.. Who could the dad be..?
  112. Completely lost and alone...
  113. Need support and need to vent :-/
  114. Cannot make a decision.....
  115. Pregnancy and PhD program
  116. an emotional wreck
  117. I feel so conflicted! Any advice?
  118. In Need Of Some Advice
  119. Stressed and worried! Really didn't want another!
  120. Medications and early pregnancy
  121. Unplanned, bf not too happy (mini vent)
  122. Unplanned pregnancy advice
  123. Stuck between a rock and a hard place
  124. Pregnant after Abortion????!!!!!
  125. 21 pregnant and confused..
  126. How do I tell my dad?
  127. Surprise miscarriage 3 years after Vasectomy!
  128. Pregnant on pull out method??
  129. 3 weeks pregnant, second possible abortion in one year
  130. On the edge
  131. Lots running through my head
  132. bougivbmo
  133. Feeling Down and not myself lately at all...
  134. abortion or not
  135. Unsupportive boyfriend
  136. Unsupportive boyfriend
  137. Heavy Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant - Please, Need Advice
  138. New here--unplanned pregnancy and very nervous
  139. am i being completely selfish?
  140. I'm just a mess
  141. 10 Outdoor Activities You Forgot Were Fun
  142. Need input on OTL
  143. implantation bleeding???
  144. mid 30's, unplanned pregnancy, stable relationship
  145. Mid-30's, unplanned pregancy, stable relationship
  146. Just found out!!
  147. conception confusion
  148. Very Nervous
  149. Breaking the news
  150. How can I tell my mother?
  151. He's now threatening suicide if I don't terminate!
  152. New to boards - need advice - very complicated and long!!
  153. New to boards, need advice - very complicated!!! And long!
  154. Terrified and feeling like a terrible person
  155. Male birth control may be a real thing in the near future...
  156. Abortion seemed the only option....
  157. 21 College Student Unplanned Pregnancy
  158. 21 scared and approximately 5 weeks pregnant, I dont know what to do...
  159. pregnant again after giving birth 7 months ago 4 kids already
  160. dont know what to do
  161. Failed termination, please help!
  162. On the fence
  163. Pregnancy after a vasectomy?
  164. So confused and not sure what to do.
  165. UNplanned & UNsure . . .
  166. elp
  167. Looking for advice. This is very complicated...
  168. i just need some non judgemental opinions. ugh
  169. BF and I broke up a few days before I found out I was pregnant...need advice?
  170. Frustrated with Prenatal Care
  171. keep the baby or not
  172. Plan b failure?
  173. Should I keep my baby?
  174. Friend needs advice asap
  175. No job, ambiguous relationship status, expecting
  176. Change of heart.
  177. Unsure of what to do.
  178. Unplanned baby, help me with my decision!
  179. Pull and pray? Precum and sperm?
  180. Troubled Couple
  181. What should I do?
  182. feeling stressed and alone
  183. Parents on different coasts
  184. i think i got pregnant on pills??
  185. Any advice??
  186. Please help....
  187. OT: Do you believe all the hype about the world coming to an end?
  188. Pregnant at 39
  189. Selfish?
  190. can anyone help? so stressed with uncertainty?
  191. Pregnant? I really hope so! Are these symptoms...
  192. Laparoscopy...?
  193. im only 16
  194. 21 just found out Im pregnant
  195. A big ((((hug)))) to all you brave and beautiful mommies!
  196. Scared/Lost and need advice
  197. Really stressed
  198. Heart and head telling me two different things
  199. Unexpected Proposal
  200. Help
  201. Pregnant with 3rd husband making me choose but made his choice clear
  202. Is my baby at risk for FAS?
  203. Preggers.. turned down marriage proposal
  204. Please help, so confused
  205. Contemplating abortion
  206. I am 21 and pregnant...help
  207. FYI Ladies
  208. Need some help - boyfriend doesn't want baby
  209. 10weeks 4days preggers and scaried:(
  210. It's a depressing day today
  211. Unexpected #4
  212. Is it really that bad ?
  213. utoh!
  214. Who's more likely to be the father?
  215. help with question?
  216. Young, and unplanned... need help telling my mother
  217. He left me with a surprise...
  218. Delete
  219. Stepson and girlfriend are pregnant (maybe), need advise!!!
  220. Paternity question?
  221. Okay...so what is the verdict?
  222. done having kids and found out your pregnant...outcome
  223. Need some advice
  224. ??Normal???
  225. Just found out... Advice?
  226. Pregnant the 7th time around!!!!
  227. Regret.....
  228. Still in shock...
  229. only dated 1 month and pregnant
  230. Thought I was Pregnant.. But with different Father.
  231. 40 yrs old; shocked to be preg with #3
  232. 7 wks along....very much NOT planned
  233. Surprise Surprise
  234. Totally Unexpected Pregnancy
  235. Missed period today!!!!
  236. Could I be pregnant?
  237. Kinda New... Kinda Not
  238. Please read.. long..but need advice.. not judgement
  239. Part of the 1%
  240. What do you think? Is there chance I'm pregnant?
  241. Could I be pregnant?
  242. Pregnant and never been more scared
  243. Help with coming to terms with it
  244. Pregnant after miscarriage and scared to death!
  245. My fwb who's family are strict Mennonites got me pregnant. How will his family react?
  246. How to tell the partner he going to be a father?
  247. Pregnant and scared, please help
  248. Information on how to talk to the fathers of unplanned pregnancies????
  249. how do i tell my family? im in NZ and they're in the UK
  250. UPDATE.....Have you ever had an Abortion? If so........

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