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  17. Please help, put your input.
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  19. Paternity ANXIETY please help!!!
  20. fwjkaehflkawjkshfk whskhfwkhkrfh kwsjrkl f
  21. Sophomore in College and Pregnant
  22. Help
  23. Pregnant with IUD but with low Progesterone Levels
  24. 21 and a mess
  25. i never planned for it
  26. Just need to vent..
  27. Confusion.
  28. wn-ness and thrhee papers on the problems
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  31. Scared to tell
  32. Thoughts on Unplanned/Unintended Pregnancy
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  34. Have I messed up?
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  36. Can any mummies or daddies reassure me?
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  40. 42 days late.
  41. BF walked out on me and I'm only 6wks pg
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  43. Am I being selfish
  44. Very Lost
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  49. The mini pill failed for me :(
  50. Please, Help me with some advice.
  51. I NEED advice
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  53. Is it possible??
  54. how can i get pregnant now?
  55. Help and Support
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  59. Pregnant with number 6..
  60. Is this a CP?
  61. Possibly pregnant with Mirena help
  62. I'm scared and I need help.
  63. Unplanned- and both parties are ambivalent.
  64. Posts soliciting or seeking services or children are not allowed!
  65. Where did you get info to make your decisions?
  66. Unmarried & Expecting? Or Single New Parent?
  67. PLEASE HELP! Can't Stop Worrying, But It Could Be Nothing....
  68. Has anyone got pregnant after being sterilised
  69. Unplanned Second Child
  70. Unplanned, college student & single
  71. Please help us!
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  73. 14 weeks along.. found out 3 weeks ago
  74. undecided and lost
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  76. Found out I'm prego & have Hep C all in the same day
  77. Is he the father? Please give your opinion.
  78. Pregnant and scared and lost..
  79. Pregnant and don't know how to tell the father
  80. Pregnant and don't know what to do....
  81. New here and 23 weeks - totally unplanned and scared
  82. Boyfriend has other kids - but I want to move home
  83. Ended Unstable Relationship-found out I was pregnant
  84. Pregnant From A One Night Stand
  85. Did I have an abortion? What just happend??
  86. Are you considering adoption?
  87. Unplanned and not sure
  88. Unplanned pregnancy to my friend with benifets
  89. 19, Pregnant, with boyfriend who doesn't want the baby
  90. Unplanned and jus lookn for a friend
  91. Loving couple hoping to adopt
  92. unplanned pregnancy that ended badly
  93. ATTENTION moms: Would anyone like to share their Unplanned Pregnancy story?
  94. For anyone considering abortion
  95. don't know what to do about pregnancy
  96. Miracle baby or normal ??
  97. Hello Everyone
  98. 22 and pregnant
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  100. relationship after an abortion.. advice please!
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  104. still not excited.. will I ever be?
  105. searchingforbaby
  106. seekingasibling
  107. unplanned....unwanted pregnancy
  108. We are adopting and looking for a birth mother... please consider us.
  109. Found out I was pregnant at 18 weeks, totally unexpected.
  110. Ladies be supportive please!
  111. Long distance relationship & pregnancy
  112. ~20wks & just found out. Freaking out.
  113. I need help/advice! Help!!!!
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  115. 22 single, college student. Help
  116. I'm really tired of...
  117. Late and Unsure
  118. Are you hiding your pregnancy? Documentary Casting
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  122. Unsure?
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  124. fwb pregnancy
  125. i am not ready. Am i pregnant?
  126. late ovulation
  127. Birth Control. New Side Effects Later In Packet: Normal or Not?
  128. Pregnant Again after 3.5 months
  129. Some advice ... Or opinions
  130. whose the dad
  131. Embarrassed but need advice.
  132. Embarrassed but need advice.
  133. Help? Period due tomorrow and condom broke?
  134. Who is more likely the father?
  135. Help mommies please
  136. Pro-choice moms out there- confused
  137. Is this an early sign or just my Aunt Flo visiting?
  138. 6 months in and the regret is still here.
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  140. Totally unexpected
  141. Teen Daughter is pregnant!
  142. Just needing some support, 4th pregnancy and confused
  143. Pregnant and moved states.. Am I wrong??
  144. I could really use some words of wisdom please!
  145. Unplanned...don't think I want to have it
  146. Just found out im pregnant and I'm terrified and Excited
  147. Pregnant and in college
  148. Looking to speak with people who have considered/chose adoption
  149. Pregnant....told I was infertile
  150. pictures of very early faint positives please
  151. opinions girls please
  152. pregnancy after vasectomy
  153. Babies Last Name
  154. Any advice...?
  155. advise please
  156. Pregnant, scared, and confused
  157. Need advice from pro-choice moms
  158. How to tell somebody about surprised/unplanned pregnancy.
  159. Fear of telling parents hindering my excitement. Need some support.
  160. .
  161. help, I think my bf resents me b.c. I won't abort this baby
  162. I already have 3 young boys...
  163. Accuracy of ultrasounds?! HELP
  164. Unsure of what to do about the pregnancy?
  165. I just don't know what to do ...
  166. I do not know what to do!
  167. Unplanned pregnancy
  168. Unplanned 3rd pregnancy
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  170. Telling the baby's father you're pregnant? (Not in a relationship)
  171. Unplanned Pregnancy, Birth Control Failed, Don't want a baby
  172. Hoping for my miracle baby!!
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  174. How to tell him?
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  176. Worst timing ever!!!
  177. unplanned
  178. Freaking out a little bit
  179. Birth Control Missed Period Negative Test ! Help
  180. Unplanned first pregnancy - I am 34 and my boyfriend is still in school
  181. Unplanned pregnancy
  182. Confused and scared.
  183. I seriously don't know if I am or not... (Teen)
  184. We're keeping the baby, terrified by upcoming changes. Complicated story of my life.
  185. Afraid to compromise the child's future and to traumatize the father
  186. HELP!! Booked holiday abroad but found out I'm pregnant.
  187. pregnant, unplanned, in another country, going home, what to do with bf?
  188. Confused. ..Help!!!
  189. Unplanned, and need to find support
  190. help and advice please
  191. Being viled due to large age gap (unplanned pregnancy)
  192. Unplanned & Scared to Tell Him
  193. mine or her exs?
  194. U/S pic!
  195. Hurting! Advice Please
  196. Unplanned baby number five
  197. Too Young, not sure how to handle.
  198. What to do...
  199. Overwhelmed and Uncertain
  200. 5 weeks pregnant. More than a little conflicted.
  201. At a crossroads
  202. Terrified... & Not Sure if Abortion is Right for Me.
  203. Sad about schooling :(
  204. 4 weeks Pregnant- Please advise
  205. What are some cute ways you decided to tell your parents and other family?
  206. Pregnant possibility?
  207. Got ultrasound, 15 weeks, so excited!! But what will the family say?
  208. May be pregnant, ultrasound TODAY and not sure how I feel about it
  209. Pregnant and both me and bf are in college. What do we do...feeling helpless.
  210. Pregnant with baby number 4 with a 4month old baby!!!!!!!!!
  211. First Post/Unplanned/Freaking out
  212. terrified
  213. Cheated on my husband with his brother and now I'm pregnant. What do I do?
  214. 8 days late
  215. in the middle
  216. I'm too old for this!
  217. 42 days since last period... need help :(
  218. Pregnant, in college, confused
  219. Pregnant, and unable to support ourselves.
  220. 6 Days Late
  221. 23 & Lost
  222. Unexpected pregnancy, no support from ex
  223. Hello
  224. Pregnant with 3rd child, but in the middle of a divorce
  225. Best advice
  226. Pregnant with baby number 3 but my partner said i have to have an abortion
  227. Your story
  228. Check in
  229. unplanned pregnancy and broken up with bf
  230. 21 yrs old, confused and don't know what to do.
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  232. So here is my UN-planned Parenthood dilemma....
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  234. Help I'm so confused
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  237. Totally overwhelmed with third pregnancy
  238. I don't want to be :(
  239. Contemplating Abortion
  240. I found my board!
  241. Confused. Pregnant or not?
  242. I think I am pregnant from a one night stand...
  243. Hello
  244. Upset and Confused
  245. Father to be. Mother does not care for the child she is carrying.
  246. 20, pregnant and scared
  247. massive shock, need advice!
  248. unplanned pregnancy with an unsupportive baby daddy
  249. Missed Period on Birth Control Pill
  250. newly single and bd wants nothing to do w baby