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  1. Should the father know before-hand?
  2. Half Abortion: Pregnant with Twins but aborting one
  3. twin-reductive abortions
  4. Calgary Abortion Billboard Truck...
  5. If your daughter became pregnant...
  6. Adoption vs Abortion
  7. "I'm pro-choice...except for..."
  8. Do i have the right to be upset?
  9. Pro-lifers with IUDs
  10. Dad confronts abortion protesters
  11. NC Abortion Doctors on WANTED posters
  12. disgusted..a freinds neighbor aborted because of spina bifida
  13. abortion for animals
  14. Abortion Physicians Face Barriers
  15. Weekly theme: Marriage
  16. Sen. Harry Reid Honors Dr. George Tiller marking the one year anniversary
  17. U of Calgary students warned over anti-abortion display
  18. "Abortion Ad"
  19. T-shirt
  20. Abortion "angels"
  21. New law RE: pregnancy and birth defects
  22. What about charges in the death of a fetus...
  23. Personhood Amendment
  24. Interesting Read-- New Law in Utah
  25. Your Stance
  26. Pro-life gone too far?
  27. MEDICAID and abortions
  28. For pro-choicers: When should it be too late to have an abortion?
  29. Did being pregnant....
  30. Men's Reproductive Rights
  31. Military Abortion ban
  32. Aborting because of gender
  33. My Question....
  34. Stillbirth
  35. Mother verses unborn ~ who has rights?
  36. Question for Pro-choicers ...
  37. egg donation
  38. Abortion doctor shot and killed
  39. Definition of a baby?
  40. spin off of medical abortions
  41. "Window to the Womb" laws
  42. What would you do?
  43. Abortion and the death penalty
  44. Would you trust a Dr who
  45. abortion for saving the father...hmmmmm?
  46. The immune system, and why a fetus isn't really an individual
  47. Medical Abortions
  48. Science fiction... for now... What if...
  49. Stem Cell Research vs. Abortion
  50. DR threw baby away
  51. ND House Passes Abortion Ban
  52. New spin, old topic
  53. doctor loses license
  54. If abortion became illegal...
  55. Can't Feed them Don't Breed them?
  56. Abortion Poll!
  57. Justifying abortion
  58. Prop 4
  59. Men's Abortion Rights
  60. Nevermind sorry
  61. Manual Vacuum Aspiration
  62. Abortion as "Birth Control"
  63. HHS Backs Protections For Anti-Abortion Doctors
  64. Has your pregnancy/motherhood experiences
  65. When your stance on Abortion is judged
  66. .sorry, double post.
  67. It's not what you want?
  68. Aborting due to a fetal abnormality/saving the mother
  69. The Pro-life "solution"
  70. Where do you really fall on the life vs choice spectrum
  71. Another abortion/rape question
  72. Legal Penalties and the term Anti-Choice.
  73. Anti abortion = anti certain vaccinations?
  74. would you abort if you were raped?
  75. Hypothetically (spinoff)
  76. Defining Abortion
  77. Partial Birth Abortions
  78. If you are pro-life...
  79. Would it change abortion?
  80. Make abortion illegal
  81. Food for thought in the abortion debate....
  82. Abortion is Terrorism of the Womb
  83. teen contraceptive myths
  84. Hello!
  85. disturbing photos
  86. The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime
  87. what happened to
  88. How can you be pro-life AND pro capital punishment?
  89. For those pro life...
  90. Spinoff on Birth and Abortion
  91. Kenya protests
  92. "Playing God"
  93. abortion...
  94. "Why I Chose..."
  95. OT: I can't believe the health issues in my DDC
  96. A mans legal rights in a pregnancy
  97. No Uterus, No Opinion
  98. Selective Reduction
  99. Sen. Brownback on abortion after rape
  100. Under what circumstances do you think YOU would consider abortion, if any?
  101. One night stand abortions
  102. Ok, DB got me thinking before...
  103. For the hardcore pro-lifers
  104. Would anyone here
  105. Should women who've had an abortion...
  106. A lil off topic but I have a point I swear
  107. reproductive rights?
  108. Heavy drinking/drug use while pregnant
  109. should there be a limit...
  110. Prochoice & Proabortion
  111. My body my choice
  112. Emergency Contraception
  113. Isn't this too much?
  114. baby born at 14 weeks survives
  115. PURELY a hypothetical
  116. Is removing an ectopic pregnancy
  117. What if you don't have a reason for wanting an abortion
  118. What would you think about this situation
  119. Doctors rights
  120. Partial Birth abortion ruling
  121. Good reasons to have an abortion
  122. Father's rights
  123. Another choice for pregnant women
  124. Teaching or preaching to kids your POV
  125. Does abortion really stop a beating heart?
  126. Free abortions
  127. Welfare or abortion?
  128. SC Bill
  129. Ultrasounds before abortions
  130. illegal abortion
  131. Do you vaccinate your children?
  132. pro-life by accident
  133. Abortion Politics
  134. Pain meds. to fetus before abortion
  135. North Carolina Fetus Law
  136. Your daughter scenerios
  137. Preemie delivered and lives at 21 weeks
  138. Is there any point debating abortion?
  139. Rape
  140. being prolife with no exceptions
  141. being prolife except for R,I,H cases
  142. The evolution of your beliefs about abortion
  143. Oops
  144. Prochoice mantra...
  145. A question for pro-choicers
  146. The Grassroots abortion war
  147. Maybe I am slow but....
  148. Ok....LOL, Who Are You?
  149. Nevermind...I gotta re-do this!
  150. Freakonmics
  151. Here's a question for you..
  152. Aborting HEALTHY babies
  153. HE has the Final say!
  154. Thoughts on birth control, jurisdiction, and the right to privacy
  155. A tadpole...
  156. A True Story...
  157. different words/phrases to talk about not using anymore
  158. banning the use of the word "murder"
  159. Colorado considers abortion ban
  160. Late Term/Partial Birth Abortions
  161. Do Selective Reductions = Abortions?
  162. I am pro-choice because I have no other choice
  163. Feminists for Life
  164. Interesting point
  165. Birth Control
  166. Free abortions to addicts?
  167. A commerical that just reminded me of you gals.
  168. Something on tv angered me. It's not a debate of being pro life or pro choice
  169. Can embryos experience?
  170. pro-choice/ pro-abortion
  171. Talk to me about why it isnt a life
  172. Pro-choice Movement?
  173. Changed Minds?
  174. punishment?
  175. Should Women Abort a Fetus to save the life of a fully born person
  176. Do your views on abortion match your religion?
  177. Forms of birth control
  178. South Dakota Referendum 6
  179. Those against abortion inextreme madical situations
  180. Oprah story spinoff
  181. Last Friday's Oprah
  182. No Hope for Survival
  183. How do you justify the lack of empathy?
  184. Prolife movement and vaccines
  185. How do you justify?
  186. If you were raped
  187. Nicaragua Outlaws All Abortion
  188. Failed relationships
  189. If you believe life begins at conception
  190. what word to use
  191. Slightly Radical Thought....
  192. Bush and abortion
  193. "Prolife"- can or does it apply elsewhere?
  194. Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
  195. arguing the other side
  196. Rant about terms ~ fetus and abortion
  197. Woman shot herself in the abdomen on her due date
  198. Child already born...
  199. Prochoice Bias....Incorrect and Invalid Information.
  200. incest*
  201. Another Hypothetical situation
  202. "I can't tell anyone I've had an abortion"
  203. A hypothetical
  204. D & C's
  205. If abortion is murder then war is murder
  206. Oh my flippin #$%^%
  207. Abortionists and Terrorists
  208. abortion stats did you know!!??!!
  209. Ok Ladies, You Win~!
  210. God, what do you think he thinks of abortion?
  211. Magazine will print names of women
  212. Do you consider.....
  213. planned parenthood protestors
  214. A question for people who say a baby is not a baby until born
  215. reduction
  216. What is your opinion on this
  217. Human Life
  218. Why would someone be upset @ multiple aborters?
  219. Tubal Pregnancies
  220. Fetal Psychology
  221. Prementate birth control?
  222. How do you know 100% you would do something or not do it?
  223. Who would you save NOW??
  224. Who would you save?
  225. Did being pregnant change your views on abortion?
  226. A mother and an unborn baby are both a life.What makes an unborn life of less worth?
  227. What's the most responsible decision?
  228. What if?
  229. What if...
  230. If you're preggo and the father does you wrong
  231. how is abortion performed?
  232. more abortion clinincs killing babies born alive..
  233. Why do women who see abortion as a hard choice
  234. Guilt- A useful tool?
  235. Considering abortion? Take a test.
  236. 100% pro-choice but would never have an abortion
  237. Which is easier?
  238. 30 days!
  239. Women who have recurrent miscarriages
  240. New birth control board!!!
  241. Ok, So Why Would Someone Who Is Prochoice
  242. Why I am pro choice
  243. Botched abortion ~ women sues
  244. I chose life...
  245. Fake Abortion Clinics
  246. Can we say nice things
  247. An article I read...
  248. Side debate to "your daughter pregnant"...
  249. The Right to Privacy
  250. Plan B may go OTC

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