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  1. unprot sex on period w/ ECs
  2. Is BBT alone ineffective?
  3. Breastfeeding and ovulation symtoms/charting?
  4. BBT taking
  5. new to bbt charting
  6. helping tips for teenage
  7. Any tips for 1st time charting?
  8. Got my chart and don't know what to do with it =0(
  9. Psycic Readings links - Cheri22, Jenny Renny, Brooke, Ruby Rains, & more
  10. Thermometer and Temperature FAQ
  11. Two week wait FAQ (triphasic chart, implantation dip, etc)
  12. AF FAQ (menstruation, bleeding, and spotting questions)
  13. How to find your cervix
  14. Cervical Mucous FAQ
  15. Links to all the Charting School Lessons & FAQ
  16. Your Fertile Window: When to BD
  17. Getting Started

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