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  1. Insomnia: will it ever go away?
  2. Prenatal classes!
  3. Timing question
  4. Male Here who's unsure
  5. U/S shows gestational sac with yolk sac but no baby yet measuring 6weeks 6days
  6. I made the biggest mistake.
  7. First pregnancy
  8. Gestational age with ultrasound
  9. Confused - neg test after missed period, hypoglycemia.
  10. What is my due date?
  11. Was this ultrasound measured correctly?
  12. Preeclampsia.. Terrfied. Need comfort. :(
  13. has anyone had this happen before?
  14. could I be pregnant??
  15. How to better deal/cope with pregnant GF's hormonal moodswings?
  16. Misdiagnosed miscarriage???
  17. Really stressed about who father is
  18. How far along do you think I am?
  19. Lead paint?? Anyone else live in an older house?
  20. breech at 30 weeks
  21. I am pregnant & scare. I hav no idea what to do next
  22. Too much amniotic fluid :(
  23. Man needs help Please
  24. Help!!! wireless radiation
  25. No baby, but still pregnant.... HELP!!!!!
  26. Fetal arrhythmia
  27. Petrified to announce my second pregnancy, any advice?
  28. When did I conceive?
  29. HCG
  30. Who is the probable father?
  31. Gestational Diabetes
  32. locker rooms
  33. .............
  34. clear blue conception indicator
  35. pregnancy test positive 8dpo??
  36. October 2016 DDC?
  37. External version
  38. 1st trimester symptoms- try not to laugh too hard!
  39. First Pregnancy and Super Worried and Stressed
  40. Afraid to have an orgasm
  41. Spotting an bleeding n early pregnancy
  42. Confused - Opks & pregnancy HELP!! :)
  43. Anything will help 😊
  44. Molar pregnancy?
  45. I'm not sure if its mine...
  46. Spotting during fertilization or ovulation???
  47. betas- multiples?
  48. New here and 23 weeks
  49. Twins early ultrasound?
  50. Help me pls?!
  51. Anyone facing this problem?
  52. 6+ months along, REALLY itchy shins?
  53. Pregnancy Symptoms after Depo
  54. What do I do next? I need help.
  55. first pregnancy advanced maternal age
  56. Someone PLEASE help
  57. Incompetent Cervix
  58. I feel like I could be pregnant
  59. Gender guessing? Nub Theory? What are your guesses!!!!
  60. Ultrasound/Gender question/concern
  61. Mucus plug?? Or what?
  62. super high hcg levels
  63. Pregnant with #2!
  64. What does Achy Flu like Symptoms mean?
  65. Has anyone had any issues with there HCG levels?
  66. info on c section
  67. Genetic Screening (NIPT) AND NT Scan???
  68. Please don't judge me, I REALLY need help and honest advice
  69. super sensitive skin! any advice?
  70. Triplets!?!?
  71. Bad reactions to pregnancy?
  72. High HCG possible molar?
  73. Overbearing mother?!
  74. can it be harder
  75. Help! Strange Morning Sickness????
  76. Help! Ultrasound Question - Gender??
  77. 7 weeks pregnant unsure of conception date
  78. Has anyone else's husband regressed in maturity level since pregnancy?!
  79. Measuring behind with hb and high hcg
  80. 5 week us--concerns
  81. Does this sound like a miscarriage or implantation bleeding? Please help
  82. My pregant wife has bruised ribs from a fall, need advice/help??
  83. boobs are not as heavy and full as yesterday or days before..could it be issue
  84. anatomy scan - baby's head measuring small, doctor has me coming back in - worried
  85. Can we really trust the NHS?
  86. Just bumped my lower abdomen into a chair
  87. Cramps and spotting 11 weeks
  88. Does the nausea actually go away
  89. Early pregnancy bleeding or Period
  90. Surgery and early pregnancy question
  91. Pregnant with the Paragard :0
  92. Belly Band
  93. Severe Anxiety
  94. Stomach ccrmp prevention due to stress/anger/overworking
  95. Which test do i believe? Positive dollar tests negative wondfos
  96. Lots of questions
  97. period then positive hpt
  98. Possible miscarriage
  99. Dr. says he is concerned about the location of my baby's implantation
  100. Ladies please ease my mind!
  101. Slow Rising HCG Levels .... anybody
  102. pregnant ex girlfriend and i need advice...
  103. Fit Pregnancy article: Looking to interview moms-to-be!
  104. Anyone using WeightAtBirth
  105. First Trimester Worries
  106. Pregnancy complications...
  107. Bleeding - did this happen to you?
  108. which type food eat in Pregnancy.
  109. Not Sure If I am Pregnant?!
  110. Are my dates wrong? How pregnant am I really?
  111. Can i be induced for financial reasons?
  112. 3rd trimester itching
  113. 5wks Only A Yolk Sac??????? Please Help
  114. HCG levels went down, but saw heartbeat
  115. Rh-negative blood and subchorionic hamatoma?
  116. pictures of very early faint positives please
  117. Ultrasound Sound Pic...Need your help
  118. pregnancy after vasectomy
  119. HCG Levels? Help!
  120. Pregnancy boobs...
  121. Pregnancy with periods
  122. Pregnant or not..?
  123. Extremely long bubbly farts lol
  124. Accuracy of Ultrasounds?!?
  125. Help! trophoblast detachment?!?
  126. Drinking Beer
  127. Free toothbrush for pregnant mommy!
  128. My midwife can't rule out twins?
  129. Pregnancy After Gallbladder Removal?
  130. Dealing with NON-pregnancy related Insomnia.
  131. HPV?
  132. Recurrent BV and Flagyl Use
  133. I want some Urobiologics reviews, has someone used their service?
  134. going to be MAMA soon!!!
  135. Question for Moms of Twins
  136. Showing early?
  137. heart burn?
  138. pregnant/afraid/undecided DESPERATE FOR ADVICE
  139. Major Cable Network Casting Pregnant Moms!
  140. Midwives (possibly moving)
  141. Boy or Girl?
  142. Is it possible I'm pregnant?
  143. Belly bands/tummy sleeves, etc?
  144. prenancy nutrition
  145. How many dpo can you test?
  146. Pre-Partem Depression?
  147. Implantation Bleeding/precum babies??
  148. please help!
  149. super confused, pregnancy test positive but can't see sac at 5 weeks
  150. NT Scan @ 13wks 2days (predicted gender, accuracy?)
  151. Anyone have a wrong weeks reading with Clear Blue Digital?
  152. has any1 been pregnant but had negative hpt?
  153. Pregnancy safe skin care products
  154. BFP :)....now what?
  155. negative tests but pregnant anyone?
  156. Protruding belly from the sides as well as the front--Normal?
  157. Fatigue. . does it ever go away?
  158. not feeling pregnant with baby #2 at 13 weeks 3 days :/
  159. 2nd pregnancy questions
  160. GIRL OR BOY based on blood test results
  161. HCG levels didnt double but still increased?
  162. Due Date Confusion
  163. Is lemongrass safe?
  164. Second pregnancy... Nothing like the first.
  165. Rectal pressure?
  166. Can constipation cause the cervix to open?
  167. For the hypothyroid ladies, how much did you increase your medication?
  168. sleepless nights topped of with morning sickness
  169. Progesterone related question
  170. Is Skelaxin safe during pregnancy?
  171. Can Braxton Hicks contractions be painful?
  172. Single Umbilical Artery?
  173. Calling dr in the am.
  174. Pregnancy symptoms but bad gut feeling. HELP!
  175. Considering moving back to hometown, any experience/advice?
  176. curious what you all think
  177. Obgyn offices and insurance
  178. where is my baby.breakdown
  179. I have a pregnancy and medicine question?
  180. For those who were on lots of Rx drugs when becoming pregnant -- Help! Freaking Out!
  181. not your typical pregnancy question
  182. all symptoms of labour and nothin? help!
  183. How far am I?
  184. Clomiphene (thoughts? reviews?)
  185. Subchorionic Hemorhhage
  186. Anyone have any opinions on Lactulose for constipation??
  187. Expectant father, emotionally broken
  188. Pregnancy and Anxiety
  189. So nervous! Help!
  190. UTI
  191. Bleeding
  192. should be 10 weeks baby measured 6 weeks but no heartbeat now what?
  193. Dilated Cervix (NOT Prego) Questions
  194. SEX>?!??!? help!
  195. Long Distance Pendulum
  196. Hemorrhoids...HELP!
  197. Ectopic?
  198. Moving while pregnant?
  199. How did one pregnancy differe from another?
  200. Any advice on flu shots while pregnant?
  201. Having a hard time with this pregnancy over all!
  202. Need some advice
  203. Worm in my stool!!
  204. What you expected vs. your experience
  205. Hormones?
  206. Should I Call my Doctor?????? CONCERNED
  207. Hopeful or hopeless?????
  208. Relationship with baby's Father
  209. Spotting, mucus, brown, pink. HOT MESS :(
  210. question about fetul size?
  211. Ectopic. scared HCG results
  212. not sure if i should test
  213. Pregnant so soon after first Depo shot?
  214. 5 weeks and bleeding
  215. Calcium Supplement??
  216. Low Progesterone
  217. New homebirth practice in tampa!
  218. Pregnant?
  219. Hcg at 18 dpo and 20 dpo-- VERY high
  220. Could I Be Pregnant? Please Any Helpful Advice/Information Welcome!
  221. Complete Molar Preganacies
  222. Conception date question!! Please help
  223. I can't see a doctor in Sweden to confirm my pregnancy! I need someone to talk to :(
  224. HELP! Low numbers, slow rising HCG
  225. Polyhydramnios...
  226. conception Queston
  227. Please help.. feeling hopeless on pregnancy...
  228. Need advice on LMP and Due Date
  229. Sciatic Nerve Laser Light Pain Treatment - First Trimester
  230. My dark and light lines are reversed?
  231. Cat litter
  232. Difficulty Handling Stress
  233. Am I Pregnant?
  234. Swollen Feet/Ankles
  235. 1 dpo ttc 2ww Opinions please!
  236. Fitness during pregnancy
  237. weight gain in early pregnancy
  238. I need help
  239. Naturopath Doc for morning sickness?
  240. Need help!
  241. I need opinions PLEASE!
  242. Anxiety Medication (Zolof generic: Sertraline) and Pregnancy
  243. how do i join a due date club here on justmommies?
  244. Worried with this pregnancy
  245. aches and pains
  246. Anyone else experience ANYTHING like this?
  247. Telling your kids...
  248. 3 Positive tests Last week
  249. hi question about early ultrasound
  250. Do I need a new midwife?