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  1. We finally found out!
  2. Linea Nigra
  3. Where will baby sleep?
  4. so weak mentally..
  5. And then I had a nervous breakdown.
  6. Great Level 2 U/S appt (and a little vent)
  7. Finally have the crib set up!
  8. 2nd ultrasoun, no guessing this time!
  9. impatient impatient
  10. Name my Baby!
  11. Our big baby purchase
  12. Watch us grow Wednesday!
  13. For all of you with back pain/sciatica ect...
  14. For moms of toddlers (OT)
  15. Who is still waiting?
  16. Weight check in?!
  17. Would it be CRAZY...
  18. Speaking of being out of shape
  19. Oh hai. I literally JUST LEFT the bathroom....
  20. who else is huffing and puffing already?
  21. Had another appointment today
  22. Speaking of showers and registries...
  23. Cervical pain
  24. Opps
  25. Anyone else?
  26. Would you???
  27. Poor baby
  28. Half way done & Dr appt update
  29. Still having sour taste after meals?
  30. Announcement photo
  31. Were having a .....
  32. Really, of all the bad timing!!
  33. Baby shower invitations.. & diaper & breast feeding questions..
  34. Restless legs?!
  35. So I asked DH if he wanted to come to the baby shower...
  36. I finally know!!!!! 20 week appt today
  37. Appointment spacing
  38. Anyone else still struggling with m/s?
  39. I can finally feel her!
  40. Pregnancy VS The Sun *DH rant included*
  41. Gender Reveal Party!!!!!!
  42. milestone/goal check list to pass time?? If so please share
  43. YaY! Kinda silly but still exciting!
  44. Gender announcement here....
  45. Pregnancy fitness
  46. cloth diapers
  47. nesting
  48. My baby must be TALL
  49. I bought maternity shorts today and they're already too tight.
  50. This is just stupid.
  51. Anatomy/Gender Scan
  52. We ranked as the 8th most active board for April!
  53. Suddenly Name Pressure (and from unlikely source)
  54. Baby Shower for #5???
  55. OT: BTDT moms, potty training?!
  56. Baby Names
  57. WWYD/Say??
  58. appointment with maternal fetal medicine and fetal echo
  59. baby shower/baby-q talk again
  60. Pain....
  61. I captured some baby wiggles
  62. It's a..............
  63. anyone of you ladies have a low lying placenta
  64. Just got a call from the nurse i have to have a follow up ultrasound
  65. Job question.. need advice!
  66. Free, Free, Free!!!
  67. Nursery - Yay or Nay?
  68. Sorry I've been AWOL! Update on me!
  69. Fetus #4's First Fotos! {Updated in post #1}
  70. Totally have been creeping around for the last ~15 weeks...
  71. Appointment today! Updated in comments
  72. Gender Scan Today! **Updated with photos**
  73. Add me to team
  74. I want a belly!
  75. Yay baby shower drama
  76. baby clothes!
  77. Anybody else not have names chosen yet??
  78. Mood Swings?
  79. You know what's lame?
  80. Do you have cramps or general soreness..
  81. Wish me luck
  82. Is it normal to have mild cramping this late in the game?
  83. 20 week dr. appt
  84. Is your current wardrobe made up of entirely maternity clothing
  85. Waking Up Wednesday
  86. Worst of the worst - need to vent
  87. Throwing own baby shower?
  88. names?
  89. The reason behind the name
  90. Should I get the Moby Wrap?
  91. Gender Reveal
  92. counting down!!
  93. Tooth extraction??
  94. So far behind......
  95. Anyone have this problem??
  96. Member of team.......
  97. I suck at responding these days
  98. Anterior placenta
  99. It's a.....
  100. low lying planners
  101. Ultrasound this morning. . Add me to team
  102. Things I am sick of! Come rant with me..Or laugh at me!
  103. Its A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X posted ( october )
  104. hand made stuff
  105. Travel Later in Pregnancy
  106. Tomorrow is the big day!!!
  107. Where are you planning to deliver?
  108. Nightmares?
  109. Barely been on
  110. Boy Boy Boy Really Tall Boy
  111. You might be pregnant if
  112. We got a booboo.....
  113. Please close my account
  114. Deleted
  115. Rib pains so bad I can't sleep some nights
  116. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY
  117. u/s photo - what do you think?
  118. Most likely MIA this weekend
  119. I need ideas!!
  120. Help I need a due date ;)
  121. Guess I'm not Team Green...
  122. MaterniT21 results are in...
  123. The Gender of our second Rainbow baby!
  124. updated with link to her bedding we got!!!!! half way point and received her bedding!
  125. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!
  126. Maternity Clothes Debate
  127. OB visit yesterday
  128. It's a.....
  129. My ticker tells LIES!! ALL LIES!!
  130. Life has stolen me away!
  131. Tilted Uterus Problems :(
  132. fetal hiccups
  133. Had to go to the ER yesterday.
  134. Mamas who plan to CD, especially those using/planning to use prefolds!
  135. had my level 2/3 anatomy scan and fetal echo
  136. food, kicking and stuff....
  137. I don't want to be touched!
  138. Doulas and Midwives! DH Rant Post #10
  139. deleted
  140. So funny i had to share (blog: 10 (ok 9) things you really don't need for baby)
  141. Watch me grow Wednesday......sorry slacking :)
  142. Add me to team...
  143. Rate that Nursery
  144. I'm still around!!
  145. Random QOTD 4/25
  146. Thursday This or That?
  147. gender disappointment...
  148. Monitors sale :)
  149. I hate my bras
  150. 18 month appt today
  151. What triggers memories for you?
  152. Whoops!
  153. had my level 2 ultrasound today!
  154. Wondering Wendsday
  155. And the award for worst Mom ever goes to..
  156. Movement
  157. 20 Weeks Today!!
  158. I kind of love being pregnant... and it's halfway over.
  159. Boy or Girl?
  160. I'm joining team......
  161. Been a while
  162. Mom and I aren't speaking - long vent
  163. Boobies
  164. Sun shining through clouds in our home
  165. Best man of all time!
  166. Sad realization...
  167. I'm Excited!! 2 days till my gender ultrasound
  168. Finally!
  169. Craziness!
  170. Nursery themes
  171. Just 3 days away!
  172. Whats for lunch?
  173. My turn to whine!
  174. So cool!
  175. Baby Girl Name opinion?
  176. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  177. BTDT moms: transitioning into a toddler bed
  178. Who else has an odd shaped belly?
  179. Dudes. I am halfway pregnant!! *Belly pic*
  180. Dinner
  181. ummm im scratching my head (ex involved)
  182. And now I'm going to whine. A lot.
  183. I know this is going to sound crazy, but..
  184. Look what I found when I woke up this morning!
  185. carseat
  186. Stroller Dilemma
  187. OT: How do you feel about wholesale club shopping (Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc)?
  188. Please tell me I'm not the only one....
  189. I have a serious desire to
  190. Speaking of baby showers...
  191. Convertible car seat?
  192. Baby shower, & registry..
  193. Anybody wanna help me research?? Going over EDD with diabetes/insulin.
  194. Who is still waiting...
  195. So ladies.....
  196. Motherhood Maternity Sale!
  197. Does anybody else get insatiably thirsty RIGHT before bed?
  198. Interesting theory! Early gender detection
  199. Verifi blood test results are in...finally
  200. Gender Ultrasound - Take TWO
  201. Holy Heartburn!
  202. My 20 week 2D / 3D ultrasound pics!
  203. I wish I could stay pregnant forever.
  204. 16 week Ultrasound! We're joining....
  205. OT: any moms of toddlers with eczema?
  206. 20 week ultrasound! (pictures)
  207. Friday Five
  208. What do you think of this?
  209. Is it REALLY a girl?!
  210. Add me to team
  211. Bedding?!
  212. Baby products you probably really wont need. lol
  213. Just thought you ladies might like (love) this as much as I do....
  214. MaterniT21 results are in... FINALLY!
  215. Help with baby girl name.
  216. Hair styling products
  217. We are Team??????????
  218. Labor Prediction Quiz
  219. joining team...**update in first post**
  220. Hubby just got "deployed" **updated***
  221. Ugh... so at what point should I call my midwife?
  222. I'm joining team...
  223. Now that a lot of you have found out the baby's gender...
  224. Good news...I think
  225. Photobucket problems..
  226. This totally freaks me out!!! am i the only one?
  227. 20 weeks today ... Had US and...
  228. Pelvic pain. Yay.
  229. Still thinking my due date is off! (Update)
  230. Ok ladies...it is Watch me grow Wednesday!!!
  231. Still so amazed... *pics included*
  232. I feel terrible today
  233. Interesting theory abt menstrual length and gestation
  234. TODAY!!! eeek!!! *UPDATE*
  235. 17w tomorrow - belly pic
  236. you know you are pregnant when.....
  237. Brave enough for pictures of my princess bump
  238. Stroller dilemma
  239. Tomorrow!!!! UPDATED!!
  240. What are you craving today?
  241. Just call Beckie of the Massive Uterus
  242. gender guess anyone?...
  243. RIP Crock Pot
  244. Totally sippin on some "Haterade"
  245. Holy crap, I'm 20 weeks pregnant!
  246. Checking in
  247. I never know who to call
  248. I'm insane and my friends are awesome
  249. Tips on getting baby to cooperate for U/S?
  250. Attacks in Boston, USA

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