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  1. Well I should be...
  2. 1st ob appointment
  3. For all of you stepmommies and/or mommies having issues with ex wives...read this!
  4. Low lying placenta :(
  5. I thought second trimester was easiest...not for me
  6. Tour of the Hospital...
  7. Nt SCan Today
  8. I don't know if this is morning sickness or a virus..
  9. Second Dr Visit
  10. Rebecca0217
  11. 13 Ways a Pregnant Lady is a Lot Like a Toddler
  12. Nervous about my stupid NT scan tomorrow - *UPDATED in first post!*
  13. baby name predicament
  14. Mommy feels you baby.
  15. Baby Showers/Birthdays
  16. Sharing some pics of my daughter's birthday party-PIC HEAVY!
  17. RANT : Because I am sick of people and judging.
  18. Question about the doppler...
  19. We have a private forum!
  20. so they know
  21. It's a...
  22. If you were curious about nub shots...
  23. What's for dinner?
  24. Gym question and weird craving question
  25. Hot Flashes
  26. Shudder
  27. Todays appointment
  28. So confused right now... *Updated in 1st post*
  29. Thoughts on The Daddy's involvement
  30. Anyone else cold all the time?
  31. Finally found the HB!
  32. Twins?
  33. Finally going to cook a REAL dinner tonight!
  34. Back from my appointment!
  35. Maternity leggings?
  36. 1st OB appointment, my bf, and other crap
  37. Who still has M/S
  38. Simple Work out idea??
  39. Harmony test?
  40. Questions for experienced mommies
  41. The boobies. They're everywhere!
  42. Annoyed!
  43. Can't stop!
  44. This one is for you, Dolly Lama! (and everyone else of course!)
  45. Pregnancy craving = fulfilled
  46. BTDT Mommies Gender Guessing
  47. 14w appointment tomorrow *Updated*
  48. NT scan today - Scary face AND nub shot!
  49. Anxious about my appointment tomorrow!
  50. Dizziness
  51. Okay, what is up with the lightening crotch? *update post 1*
  52. Possibly changing my due date too!
  53. Saw a nutritionist today, HUGE MISTAKE
  54. Question about anatomy scan timing
  55. I <3 My OB
  56. Yesterday's Appointment
  57. Spotting. :(
  58. UPDATE** 2nd Ultrasound tomorrow. Nervous as hell. Hope I'm right.
  59. 10 weeks.. 14 weeks? what do you think? lol
  60. UTI that won't go away?
  61. NT Scan
  62. Hypnobabies anyone?
  63. Sushi?
  64. Weather
  65. My appt today! :)
  66. Work Question- After the Baby Arrives.
  67. Is anyone else still in happy shock?
  68. Thoughts and prayers needed here.
  69. First Midwife appointment today!!
  70. ahhh, may need to go to ER
  71. Just wanted to share an update on my BFF
  72. Another big bleed - *Update from OB appt in post #1*
  73. Seeing PINK after BM - anyone else experience this? (may be TMI?!)
  74. Hi!
  75. My daughter cracks me up!
  76. Kind of losing it
  77. Pretty sure that I had my first strange food combination idea
  78. Can anyone tell me how to.....
  79. I really like this crib!!
  80. Subforum (recipes)
  81. Other subforums
  82. Subforum voting (pregnancy Journals)
  83. Subforum Voting (Ultrasound Pics)
  84. Subforum Voting (Belly pictures)!!
  85. Genetic testing?
  86. I thought my dad was gonna cry!
  87. 3/1 Appointment *late posting*
  88. New 'do!
  89. Bought my first cloth diapers for gummy bear!
  90. I've officially purchased my first maternity clothing items
  91. OT: No matter how many times I watch, "Dirty Dancing"...
  92. Should I slap him, or should I not?
  93. Date night last night...sort of.
  94. Where to buy Maternity stuff?
  95. Hello 2nd Trimester!!!
  96. New to posting, not to JM.. Hi!
  97. Tilted uterus leading to misdiagnosed miscarriages??
  98. Alpha_allie1010
  99. Great news!!!
  100. Shopping in the 2nd trimester...
  101. I think I will have to go buy a package of pull-ups....
  102. Introducing myself
  103. Prenatal workout videos??
  104. MS ~ am I in the clear yet?
  105. Anyone not doing the NT Scan?
  106. Feel like poo!***updated first post**
  107. Had the weirdest baby dreams the other night
  108. Strut your stuff!
  109. Five for Friday
  110. It's Friday, ladies!
  111. 12 wk U/S and Chromosome study today - feeling tense *Update*
  112. I cut my hair
  113. Can't sleep! Help me please!
  114. Hi Sept Mommies!
  115. Show off your baby daddy!
  116. Pregnancy has an amazing effect on my...
  117. Weighed myself today....
  118. Boys names?
  119. Doppler experience!
  120. Gaggy Feeling :/
  121. GRR! OB Appt this morning, don't know what to think. New EDD? Ugh
  122. Found a super safe tastey tea
  123. I have gestational diabetes already.
  124. Appointment Calendar
  125. Due Dates and gender predictions
  126. Appointment!
  127. Gender ??? Pic
  128. hello :)
  129. New Due Date!!!
  130. Is it wrong of me
  131. Update
  132. Houses!
  133. Everything STINKS!
  134. Can this day just be over already?
  135. Would it be wrong of me to..
  136. What foods are you avoiding now that you're pregnant?
  137. Thursday's Breakfast Advice
  138. Crap Day; BFF is in Preterm Labor
  139. Bloodwork and culture results are back!
  140. It's barely 9:00...
  141. Sorry for being MIA lately....
  142. WTH - all night peeing?
  143. Is anyone else an emotional wreck?
  144. TV shows
  145. My sweet SIL
  146. Im so excited tomorrow is my first ultrasound
  147. God give me strength...
  148. Dysgeusia!!
  149. Oh hot wings, how I want to bathe in your delicious sauce...
  150. Can I ask for some T&P's?
  151. Motivational posts. X posted from October DDC
  152. Heart is broken...
  153. Interesting blog post (book debunking some pregnancy no-no's)
  154. nub shots
  155. who is wearing maternity clothes already??
  156. Leaving...but to October!
  157. Excited for Monday!
  158. Carpet cleaner suggestions??
  159. Ideas?
  160. Pardon my language but....WTH?!
  161. Two exciting days
  162. Anyone else exhausted but can't sleep??
  163. Mommies trying to find work..(RE: Job search)
  164. Here we go.... u/s this morning in a couple of hours.
  165. Dopplers, anyone?
  166. UTI
  167. *yawn*
  168. Please join me in thanking *Kiliki* for being your Mommy Guide!
  169. Please welcome Keakie and Alpha_allie1010 as your new co-hosts!
  170. found that little heartbeat!
  171. Why, Why, WHY??
  172. For the first time in months
  173. Update from OB Appt
  174. this one is random...
  175. Ireceived my doppler today
  176. Possible change in birth plan!
  177. Job Search
  178. Anybody else's tastebuds in 'overdrive'?
  179. Has anyone heard from...
  180. Something funny DD said
  181. BTDT Moms...when are you telling your kid(s)?
  182. 12 weeks pregnant today!
  183. hey ladies...
  184. Up early and I POAS ~ I have a question! UPDATE in OP - I feel stupid now!
  185. Totally OT... but I need some advice.
  186. Awesome - just vomited so hard I made my nosebleed
  187. UTI causing severe pain??
  188. How can I wake up a little without caffeine?
  189. First midwife appointment
  190. Pelvic/hip soreness?
  191. Abdominal/Back Pain
  192. Help? *updated*
  193. Cautiously Joining....
  194. OMG I hate moving
  195. An Oct DDC mom looking for some hope...
  196. What's on the menu?
  197. I need some explosives
  198. Meat Aversion Anyone?
  199. Everyone is giving me crap about....
  200. Gender Intuition
  201. Night night... what do you mean it's only 7:30?!
  202. OT dh vent
  203. Any September 28th due dates?
  204. Macrobid?? Updated went to ER again
  205. DDC Owls Poll
  206. Pink spotting.. more today.. *update post 19*
  207. DDC Theme!
  208. Can we pick names for the subforums?
  209. Embarrassing new problem
  210. HELP! BTDT Moms, how did you pick your OBGYN?
  211. I am an emotional wreck.
  212. Creative ideas??
  213. MORE fatigued as I get closer to the second trimester?
  214. So I bought a doppler....
  215. Cribs?
  216. Rate this nursery
  217. Online maternity clothes?
  218. Ode to my OB
  219. What are your childrens' names?
  220. U/S pictures from today
  221. Had some spotting today
  222. Had my ultrasound!
  223. Yay! It's not twins!!!
  224. First u/s....check!
  225. MS sickness peak
  226. Holy Hormones!
  227. Friday/weekend plans?
  228. Post Pardom pictures for you first timers out there!
  229. My ultrasound appt yesterday!! (X-posted)
  230. Decided to check out another ob today
  231. Chopping my hair off...
  232. Im soo hurt.....
  233. Introducing myself!
  234. Car seats
  235. Hello...my name is Cathy and I'm addicted to...
  236. heartbeat wives tale
  237. Sewing?
  238. Deja Vu!
  239. A happy MIL post
  240. I keep wanting to post things on Facebook!
  241. First OB Appointment right now!!!!!
  242. Just throwing this out there...
  243. Update from OB Intake Appt *FRI AM U/S in #1*
  244. Baby MUST BE A BOY (craving)
  245. Newbie!
  246. Why is my...
  247. Vitamins
  248. MMMMMMM..... Mustard!
  249. MMMMMMM..... Mustard!
  250. Sharp pain down there...

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