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  1. Other Host
  2. Pain in lower back and left side
  3. Doppler experts please respond!
  4. Nursery theme
  5. Ultrasound
  6. Linea Nigra
  7. Fruits and Vegetables in tablet or chewable form?
  8. Girls due May 25th-27th ish
  9. Due Date Buddies?
  10. How's everyone feeling lately?
  11. MaterniT21 results!
  12. Where is my baby this week?
  13. Appt today
  14. DH out of state for work for a week or more
  15. Headaches and nausea anyone?
  16. Feels like I've lost weight...
  17. article- things to say to a new bfing mom
  18. Baby Bump Photo!
  19. baby giving little kicks
  20. Holy hard uterus!
  21. What's for dinner?
  22. Appointments Week of 9/29/14
  23. Anyone else want to kill their DH/DF/SO?
  24. My vivid pregnancy/baby dream I had last night
  25. DDC Theme Poll
  26. Breastfeeding question
  27. Can you ladies please vote for me? -Off Topic
  28. still spotting went to the er
  29. Friday Fun Fact
  30. Genetic testing results came back.....
  31. Advice for first timers - when do you start feeling the baby?
  32. What is a MUST to put on your registry for FTMs?
  33. We're officially out of the baby closet!
  34. spotting and not feeling well update in original
  35. Finally announced!!
  36. Christmas Maternity!!!!!
  37. Twin gender guess...anyone want to take a guess?
  38. Qotd 9/25/14
  39. This or That?
  40. Back from our Gender scan and.........
  41. Can you help me with some good brands, ASAP!
  42. Gender Ultrasound
  43. hey girls
  44. Quick! What should I ask a midwife??
  45. Wednesday Woo-Hoos & Whines
  46. Final Thoughts on DDC Theme
  47. FYI Gender Thread
  48. Gag reflex?
  49. Anyone not announce yet?
  50. Gender Scannnnn!
  51. Involuntary Muscle Spasms....anyone?
  52. back from my appointment
  53. Moving with a newborn..
  54. Need help with a second middle name
  55. Old Wives Tales
  56. My appointments yesterday
  57. Called out on my uniform
  58. Want to play the nub game? Guess my baby's gender!
  59. Does your bump change sizes throughout the day?
  60. Down's syndrome fears
  61. Birth Photography
  62. Banning myself from WebMD and any more research on genetics
  63. Not a good week for March DDC :(
  64. No good, very bad day.
  65. A in' nobody got time for dat!
  66. Almost devastating day, I don't want to be pregnant anymore
  67. Weight gain so far...
  68. verifi results!! and gender!
  69. Back from Genetics Counseling- Update (sorry for the new post)
  70. Please come check out my little one! Love love love!
  71. Panini's ok to eat right?
  72. Genetics appt in about an hour
  73. Sunday Funday!
  74. Appointments Week of 9/22/14
  75. Stool softeners
  76. Has anyone started ...
  77. it is HOT here today
  78. Gassy girls
  79. dying your hair...
  80. My appt today. -- baby is good. just dumb nurse pract.
  81. Due Date List
  82. Who has a heartbeat doppler?
  83. The June DDC is up!! yay!
  84. Abnormal pap, freaking out!
  85. Please welcome PurpleStar as your new co-host!
  86. those of you with other children
  87. Best tips for sleeping on your side
  88. New to the board and 1st pregnancy
  89. M&Ms and Doritos for dinner
  90. Off Topic - General Just Mommies Question
  91. dreams
  92. How are you feeling?
  93. Centering Appointment
  94. How do we get subforums?
  95. BABY BUMP THURSDAY! **Post your pic!**
  96. Pregnancy announcement ideas--I had a great idea and now....
  97. Baby bump!
  98. I know I'm paranoid, but...
  99. First flutters?
  100. 12 week appt. yesterday :)
  101. Romantic Dreams??
  102. NT Scan and first trimester screening :) *pic*
  103. SEX during pregnancy.
  104. Headaches?
  105. Stabbing cramping on one side
  106. Appt today
  107. And we are out of the closet!! (Pic included)
  108. Been MIA, have some updates (with pics) 15w1d
  109. Hello from the Happiest Place on Earth!
  110. Any word on the new hosts yet??
  111. NT Scan! Stubborn, perfect baby!
  112. Blood work for Down Syndrome :-(
  113. NT scan: Results and PICS!!!
  114. Q(s)OTD (Tuesday)
  115. OK, who's exercising?!!
  116. SO sensitive!!!!
  117. The flu shot- To get or not to get
  118. Totally off topic
  119. I expected more from DH ..vent thread
  120. Emotional Weekend..
  121. Peanuts?
  122. Can we talk Babywearing?
  123. Random chat- Bored :)
  124. Appointments this week 9-15-/9-21
  125. When does the second trimester start?
  126. Ina mays guide to childbirth
  127. NT scan and quiet, laidback baby-UPDATE 1st post
  128. How big?
  129. Gender disappointment
  130. names!
  131. anyone feeling flutters already?
  132. Does anyone else feel....
  133. Check up appt today at 11AM! **UPDATE**
  134. Gender in 12 week ultrasound question
  135. TBT: What's your favorite childhood movie?
  136. Waiting for Doc office to call back *Updated OP 9/12
  137. Appt. today and some stress relief! Woot Woot!
  138. Gimme your thoughts on names!
  139. Appointment Today
  140. BTDT Mom's of Girls
  141. Are we going to have cute names
  142. Gender Teams (Please Reply)
  143. MaterniT21 results
  144. Baby Basics class :-)
  145. Daycare List - Make Sure You Are On It!
  146. NT scan tomorrow- 12 weeks
  147. BTDT Moms - Best Breast Pump? **Update post #15**
  148. I'll be raising these babies alone
  149. Guesses anyone? update
  150. What's for dinner?
  151. Cheers & Jeers
  152. Check-In!
  153. 2nd Appt.-I'm no longer high-risk :)
  154. The baby is gone :( ... update in original post, a final goodbye
  155. Verifi test
  156. What should I do, spotting bright red blood...
  157. Funny email my DH sent
  158. I was sorta hoping to wake up today....
  159. Speaking of appointments ...
  160. It's a......
  161. Gender Ultrasounds - When Will Yours Be?
  162. Is it too late in the game to switch OB's?
  163. Appointment Scheduling frustration
  164. Car Seats - input from BTDT Mom's
  165. Kinda freaking out...
  166. Constant sharp-ish pain/bloated feeling?
  167. Kate Middleton pregnant again!
  168. Ugh - spotting after sex
  169. Nothing in here
  170. Would you take a sibling to a scan?
  171. Friend who sells stuff
  172. It's time...
  173. OK, so I HATE my Doppler (ER visit mentioned!)
  174. Safe pain relievers to take during pregnancy
  175. Friday Five
  176. Allergy Season (sigh)
  177. Haven't been around much...
  178. Cervical length ultrasound?
  179. Anyone have ideas for my announcement?
  180. Our official Facebook announcement
  181. Announcing this weekend (pics)
  182. Had our NT scan this afternoon!
  183. NT scan this morning
  184. Migraine Moms?
  185. 3d or 4d u/s
  186. Our NT scan with our cheeky monster :)
  187. Dizzy in the AM
  188. When is it normal to get Colostrum?
  189. Home Doppler Questions
  190. Random question- Breast pump related
  191. How to go about keeping this a secret still- Asking your advice-UPDATE
  192. OB appt...Went excellent...The beans are growing
  193. Cake batter/cookie dough
  194. Feeling amazing, is this normal?
  195. whoops
  196. Things you wish someone would have told you
  197. Stressful sonogram today
  198. Sleeping on my back...& best pregnancy pillows
  199. Stressful job
  200. Back from the wilderness...lol
  201. So. Tired.
  202. Emotional
  203. UTI....again!
  204. Bump pics
  205. positive natural birth stories
  206. Would you use this car seat?
  207. Who else is still in the nausea/vomiting everyday club?
  208. Internet sites for maternity clothes?
  209. Self-Conscious of Baby Belly?
  210. pain
  211. Team Green or no?
  212. Who else is going crazy waiting for next U/S??
  213. I swear I can feel the baby moving.
  214. Why can't I post pictures?
  215. Anyone else dealt with a nasty cold?
  216. Annuncing TODAY!!
  217. Qotd 8/29/14
  218. 2nd Trimester
  219. Freaking out after NT. *updated with pics and some other thoughts*
  220. ultrasound!
  221. OMGosh! I officially have an oval!!! Belly pic!!!
  222. Pregnancy Apps for Dads?
  223. Ugh. Why can't families just get along?? Rant ahead!!
  224. I can't get help for my depression
  225. NT scans?
  226. I'm excited gender scan booked!
  227. Announcing
  228. Due Date List
  229. Can I join? :)
  230. Traveling husbands
  231. Naive Husband -- Help!
  232. Whatcha reading? (Pregnancy related...or not!)
  233. Breast feeding twins...Oh the logistics of it all...
  234. The babies are GROWING!!! 3rd ULTRASOUND *With PICS*
  235. Hi, new member here :)
  236. Age gaps. Planned and actual :)
  237. At home gender predictors
  238. Anti-depressants or anti-anxiety?
  239. I am leaving
  240. 9 1/2 week ultrasound, graduated to the OB!!!!
  241. I think I might have a uti but idk?
  242. Caught a super cold.... :( I am so miserable right now
  243. update on blood results...
  244. Preventing stretch marks- When should you start? What should you use?
  245. so here comes the weird dreams ....
  246. whose planning on using cloth diapers?
  247. OOhh! The MAY DDC is up!!!
  248. vent
  249. first day back at school
  250. Getting your hair done while pregnant??

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