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  1. who has a 2011 c/s coming up??!
  2. If you are 'hosting' Christmas this year
  3. when is your next appointment?
  4. Baby/toddler/big kid check in!
  5. Christmas!!!
  6. a reminder from the Siggies R Us host - please all read
  7. Is your SO...
  8. Anyone NOT have 1st trimester symptoms?
  9. Bedtime
  10. gtky...
  11. Big kids - are they excited?
  12. Maternity/Body Pillow?
  13. [Christmas question] Have you been pregnant at Christmas time?
  14. weekend plans
  15. How does a scheduled section go?
  16. please delete
  17. Csection birth plan template? ADDED MY DRAFT, HOW IS IT?
  18. NICU time?
  19. [Christmas question] Are you ready?
  20. AmandaR's baby boy is here!
  21. Good luck Amanda!!!!!!
  22. Tips for a new mom with 70% chance of C-section?
  23. what was the first 'big' item you bought?
  24. New moms (first time & btdt) - how are you doing?
  25. [Christmas question] Christmas cards
  26. My C-section
  27. Elective C Section
  28. [Christmas question] Santas Reindeer
  29. Change of plans?
  30. Who trimmed the cord (after the initial cut made by ob)
  31. Playing catch up here ladies!
  32. The big moment
  33. Anyone heard from jennmichelle?
  34. Epidural vs. spinal block?
  35. ultrasound pictures - have you done anything special?
  36. what was for BREAKFAST today?
  37. what's your ideal age gap?
  38. Is this normal? Pain at scar during pregnancy...
  39. Breastfeeding
  40. Weekend plans
  41. Finally!
  42. Bath?
  43. gtky - DING DONG! Avon calling!
  44. Eat hospital food - or get it brought in for you?
  45. [Christmas question] Do you go to church on Christmas day?
  46. [Christmas question] Favourite part of the Christmas holiday?
  47. SO - how fast did he adapt to life with a baby?
  48. Friends pregnant with you?
  49. Gtky
  50. EMS, Fire, Police, Corrections, Doctor or Nurse????
  51. [Christmas question] Regifting...
  52. Sensitive skin
  53. those who aren't pregnant....
  54. thinking about the NEXT baby while you're still pregnant?
  55. some more recent pictures of Emersyn
  56. Weight at birth
  57. How many outfits in a day?
  58. Pregnancy magazines?
  59. [Christmas question] Main Christmas meat?
  60. Nine days!!
  61. What were your restrictions after your csection?
  62. bleeding?
  63. changed my username *** duplicate post***
  64. How Long for AF?
  65. [Christmas question] Do you send out Christmas Cards?
  66. Do names need to 'work together' for you?
  67. Showtime Saturday
  68. active or laidback?
  69. My C-section has been moved up!!!
  70. can you help out the June 10 PR?
  71. Friday Friendships
  72. GTKY - best subject...
  73. [pregnancy question] heartburn/indigestion
  74. most popular baby names of 2010 - are your kiddos on the list?
  75. Is it normal have less pp bleed after c-section??
  76. Thursday Teams
  77. [TTC question] Did you do fertility charting to get pregnant?
  78. Implantation spotting/bleeding
  79. Maternity pads or overnight/super pads?
  80. December Roll Call
  81. Tuesday Travels
  82. Would you sooner be..
  83. Regina/Escalada99 had her baby!
  84. What is for dinner?
  85. Tomorrow is the big day and i am nervous...
  86. Hi Ladies
  87. GTKY & your family!
  88. scheduled c/s AFTER 40w0d?
  89. How early did you notice..
  90. 6 months ago...
  91. 2 c-section scars.
  92. 'Cyber Monday' - anyone on the lookout?
  93. Any other emergency/unplanned c/s moms here?
  94. Regina!
  95. are your dates on the list?
  96. Saturday So......
  97. Pregnancy week by week...
  98. [getting to know you week] Z is for........
  99. [getting to know you week] Y is for........
  100. [getting to know you week] X is for........
  101. [getting to know you week] W is for........
  102. [getting to know you week] V is for........
  103. [getting to know you week] U is for........
  104. Must haves for the c-section mommy
  105. Pain and pain meds...
  106. What does this weekend hold for you?
  107. [getting to know you week] T is for........
  108. [getting to know you week] S is for........
  109. [getting to know you week] R is for........
  110. [getting to know you week] Q is for........
  111. sorry i'm not really here...
  112. Infection
  113. sharing belly photos?
  114. [getting to know you week] P is for........
  115. [getting to know you week] O is for........
  116. [getting to know you week] N is for........
  117. [getting to know you week] M is for........
  118. [getting to know you week] L is for........
  119. [getting to know you week] K is for........
  120. [getting to know you week] J is for........
  121. [getting to know you week] I is for........
  122. Got a time for my csection!! Yay!!
  123. Some pics of Baby Alex
  124. An update on me!!!!
  125. Severe morning sickness?
  126. [getting to know you week] H is for........
  127. [getting to know you week] G is for........
  128. [getting to know you week] F is for........
  129. [getting to know you week] E is for........
  130. [getting to know you week] D is for........
  131. [getting to know you week] C is for........
  132. [getting to know you week] B is for........
  133. [getting to know you week] A is for........
  134. It's host contest time - please all read
  135. What's for dinner tonight?
  136. BTDT C-Section Mommies - Bruising near incision site
  137. Scar Creme?
  138. If you have kiddos.. how old?
  139. if you are pregnant....
  140. common pregnancy condition.... sciatica
  141. Public or private?
  142. Scheduled C Section Monday...plz help!!
  143. When first home from hospital...
  144. Swashbuckling Saturday
  145. photos during your c/s?
  146. So aggravating!
  147. Friday foto fun!
  148. Mommy & baby classes?
  149. Pregnancy yoga or pilates?
  150. Weekend plans?
  151. does this happen to anyone else???? post c/s & spinal
  152. Going in tomorrow!!!!!! eeeek!
  153. Thursday Three
  154. Have you ever been a birthing partner?
  155. food allergies...
  156. During pregnancy... food aversions?
  157. Update on baby Kaiya
  158. Celebrity pregnancies - favourite.. & were you pregnant 'with' a celeb?
  159. fear of needles?
  160. Calling all Twitter-ers & Facebook-ers
  161. Wordless WEdnesday
  162. Thankful Tuesday
  163. Want your chance to get on the main JM website?
  164. A mom & baby from my PR really need your thoughts & prayers
  165. Mommies with sections around the holidays?
  166. the JM pregnancy calendar - do/did you use it?
  167. btdt moms - was it as bad as you imagined?
  168. shell1981 - how are you feeling hun?
  169. exciting survey type thingy - please all participate!
  170. What is the first board you joined?
  171. anything you're too embarassed to ask?
  172. Say something positive
  173. Thinking about another baby BUT
  174. What did you wear to the hospital?
  175. c-section after c-section question
  176. Pre-c/s anxiety
  177. Pregnant Mama's... how are you?
  178. (getting to know you) positivity!
  179. Weekend wind down!
  180. Feeling super anxious!
  181. Weekend weather
  182. If you had to rename.....
  183. what sleep wear did YOU have in hospital? (or do you plan on?)
  184. General check in time - pregos, new moms, old hands, big siblings, babies
  185. How are the big-siblings-to-be?
  186. Siblings first visit
  187. scared of surgery after bad healing
  188. Thursday Temperature
  189. encouraged to walk around?
  190. Kind of related to the catheter question.. bowel motions...
  191. Pre-op
  192. The Dreaded Catheter
  193. (getting to know you) Family ties
  194. Major diet change during pregnancy?
  195. where else on JM can we find you?
  196. Did you get sent flowers?
  197. do you physically handle pregnancy well?
  198. (getting to know you) What are your childrens names?
  199. Lower abdomen
  200. saying hi
  201. Monday Memories
  202. Side effects from your section
  203. Introducing myself...
  204. If there were no limitations, would you choose an ob or mw?
  205. Would you change your provider because of their stance on c/s or vbac?
  206. could you spare a vote for the June 2010 PR?
  207. Which month/s did you deliver?
  208. October 2010 babies/Mamas - how are you all?
  209. Question!
  210. Wow look at 'em grow! weekend
  211. >>> status update <<< (keep it going)
  212. board #29 for October!
  213. new here!
  214. The Recovery Room
  215. any emergency cesareans that were because of life threatening reasons?
  216. 33 weeks and transverse
  217. any sections scheduled for November?
  218. Wednesday Wonder
  219. Nice staff?
  220. Tuesday Two
  221. do you remember the moment your LO was born?
  222. Newish
  223. Recovery for Recent C/S Mommas
  224. after c-sections..
  225. ~*~November Roll Call~*~
  226. anyone having/had a c/s because of a medical condition?
  227. Was the 3rd trimester as uncomfortable as you imagined?
  228. I'm back
  229. Pain meds???
  230. mentally trying to prepare for another c section
  231. Let's talk about Headaches!
  232. I'm off for the weekend...
  233. 5 months PP pain?
  234. Right about the sex?
  235. BTDT Mamas
  236. Pregnant Mamas - do you have any ultrasounds coming up?
  237. Coffee during youre pregnancy?
  238. Spinal headache?
  239. Sunday Sun
  240. same ob/mw for more than one pregnancy?
  241. current/last pregnancy - planned or unplanned?
  242. Photos from Gaby's b/day (pic heavy)
  243. how are the new big brother/sisters adapting?
  244. sorry I'm such a bad host!
  245. Weekend plans?
  246. did your water break before your c/s?????
  247. what trimester was the decision made?
  248. Question of Moms with Toddlers & newborns
  249. Pregnancy after c-section
  250. belly casting

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