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  1. after c-sections..
  2. ~*~November Roll Call~*~
  3. anyone having/had a c/s because of a medical condition?
  4. Was the 3rd trimester as uncomfortable as you imagined?
  5. I'm back
  6. Pain meds???
  7. mentally trying to prepare for another c section
  8. Let's talk about Headaches!
  9. I'm off for the weekend...
  10. 5 months PP pain?
  11. Right about the sex?
  12. BTDT Mamas
  13. Pregnant Mamas - do you have any ultrasounds coming up?
  14. Coffee during youre pregnancy?
  15. Spinal headache?
  16. Sunday Sun
  17. same ob/mw for more than one pregnancy?
  18. current/last pregnancy - planned or unplanned?
  19. Photos from Gaby's b/day (pic heavy)
  20. how are the new big brother/sisters adapting?
  21. sorry I'm such a bad host!
  22. Weekend plans?
  23. did your water break before your c/s?????
  24. what trimester was the decision made?
  25. Question of Moms with Toddlers & newborns
  26. Pregnancy after c-section
  27. belly casting
  28. changing ob/mw partway through your pregnancy?
  29. did you have any falls?
  30. help out the blinkies board!
  31. Introducing Presley Mae---birthstory & pics overload!
  32. curious - girl or boy - is one more likely to require a c/s?
  33. Recovery post-op
  34. overweight/obese women more likely to have c/s?
  35. C-section Scheduled
  36. Swelling after surgery
  37. Exercise plan, post baby?
  38. Got some professional photos done..
  39. Weekend free for all!
  40. first night - where did the baby spend it?
  41. when did you get staples / stitches removed?
  42. Staff at the hospital
  43. Tgif!
  44. how early did you have babies room set up?
  45. Pain when Sneezing
  46. I'm having a little pain the last couple of days.
  47. Thursday Things
  48. Is your baby happy being in a swing/rocker/etc?
  49. Watch 'em grow Wednesday
  50. Did you need any meds to calm you down? (or will you request them?)
  51. do you cry easily?
  52. flu shots during pregnancy?
  53. o/t - Gaby got her 4yo haircut (photos)
  54. Monday QOTD
  55. Did you request to go home, or did your ob tell you?
  56. were you given an option as to how you were sutured post c/s?
  57. 2 c-section in 1 year?
  58. Cesareans in History
  59. I hope you ladies don't mind.....
  60. Quick Question :) New Here :)
  61. Im new here, but ive been lurking for afew weeks.
  62. Do you have an infant?
  63. Just have to share.....
  64. Illness after c-section
  65. Saturday Series
  66. related to MotherFrog's question.. WHAT pain meds were/are you on?
  67. How long were you on pain meds at home?
  68. do you hate the fact you've had a cesarean?
  69. does anyone strongly dislike their c/s scar???
  70. New moms - how is breastfeeding going?
  71. Gaby's QOTD.....
  72. Oh oh! Some bleeding and ooze from my incision.
  73. Toothpaste Tuesday
  74. future pregnancies... vbac or repeat c/s?
  75. Pregnant? WTTC? TTC? Unsure? Done???
  76. ~*~Happy October-Birthday to......~*~
  77. well done!!! We made the top 50 boards list!
  78. Monday Mistakes
  79. Pediatrician or Family Doctor?
  80. underwear - did/will you buy special post c/s underwear?
  81. October c/s Mamas! Tracy, Jaime, Megan - anyone else?
  82. Caylynne (theonlycay) had her baby girl
  83. welcome to: Kara, Jessica, Martha & Caylynne
  84. Saturday Swings
  85. how long did it take for your baby to get into a [sleep] routine?
  86. First time section mommy with questions....
  87. Hi ladies!
  88. October Roll Call
  89. Thursday Twitter
  90. stocking up...
  91. So as far as c-sections go..
  92. What can I expect at my 1st check up?
  93. if you've had a c/s in the last year....
  94. moms of boys... circumcision...
  95. did you have any admissions to hospital during your pregnancy?
  96. Post C question
  97. Question about Scars?
  98. Names...
  99. New to board and bringing questions
  100. Hello!
  101. Recent c/s-ers, how are you?? (up to 6 weeks post partum)
  102. New Here
  103. how many people on the maternity ward?
  104. Emersyn suddenly looks older!
  105. :.:.: this or that :.:.:
  106. if you were to have another c/s......
  107. most annoying thing post c/s - that you hadn't anticipated?
  108. Still Look Pregnant??
  109. Charlie is here!!!
  110. Tuesday Twister
  111. was the pain/discomfort more in your c/s wound, or abdominial muscles?
  112. good luck Michele!
  113. Monday Member
  114. Prego check in!!
  115. what surprised you the most after your first baby arrived?
  116. Please vote for Ashton
  117. Did I walk to much today? My scar feels burning a little.
  118. Anxiety pre-c-section
  119. Type of Incision Closure
  120. Thursday Threesome
  121. Did you request to go home early? Will you?
  122. post c/s toilet experience... because once you're a mom nothing is out of limits!
  123. So any tips t help me heal faster and not hurt myself?
  124. Help Please... Scar Infected?
  125. Hello,I'm so proud of myself b/c today I.......
  126. Post Partum Visit
  127. could you possibly vote for Gaby???
  128. Do you like how you look when you're pregnant?
  129. Concerns - did you discuss them?
  130. For *you* what are the components of a 'positive c/s experience'
  131. Preparing for planned c-section - BTDT's, help!!
  132. Emersyn's 3mo update
  133. Hello & New
  134. Monday Meds
  135. was your LMC open to you having a VBAC?
  136. can you help out the siggies board?
  137. Would this be another C-Section?
  138. Re-intro of a lurker :)
  139. Have you read any parenting books?
  140. How long do you have to wait?
  141. So far, what is your favourite infant age (or stage)?
  142. Reintroducing... JM TOP FIFTY BOARDS! Here's how you can help!
  143. have you ever.....
  144. Weekend plans?
  145. Was your cycle different after you had your c/s?
  146. Tailbone Pain after C-Section
  147. are you an advocate of a particular parenting choice BECAUSE of your cesarean?
  148. In an ideal world, would you have had a natural birth?
  149. 2 weeks from today!!!
  150. In general, how do you feel about the fact you've had a cesarean
  151. Any friends had cesareans?
  152. I'm home now, but still kind of MIA
  153. Question about Scheduled Cesareans
  154. That first look at your incision
  155. Baby dropping?
  156. quick update
  157. A message from Emma (your co-host)
  158. we are home :)
  159. Those of you that had a planned c-section
  160. aussie_mama22 (Brooke)
  161. ~September Chit Chat~ 1-7 Sept
  162. Have you been openly judged for having a c/s?
  163. September Roll Call (please all reply newbies, oldies & lurkers alike)
  164. Maternity clothes
  165. anyone opted NOT to have ultrasounds?
  166. Exercise after c-section
  167. Introduction
  168. Question about c-section scar
  169. Fill in the blanks Sunday
  170. BTDT Mamas - did your little ones end up spending time in the NICU?
  171. A message from our sponsors... (well, from the Siggies board!)
  172. C-section Fears. First timers, emergencies, and repeats.
  173. weekend plans
  174. Anyone used On-Q pain pump?
  175. Is there anything I can do
  176. Newbie here!
  177. Visitors after the section? Your thoughts and feelings.
  178. Ashleigh!!!
  179. mandatory cesarean
  180. Where did/will your baby sleep?
  181. Who do you talk to about pregnancy (in real life)?
  182. Hello New Here :-)
  183. lol I love my ticker!
  184. Elective 1st, Elective repeat, Emergency?
  185. Long term birth control when you're not having a tubal
  186. when did you notice your belly?
  187. Age gaps
  188. Pregnancy after C-Section, Close Together
  189. C-section/tubal
  190. incision bleeding?
  191. Some new photos of Emersyn (& the 3 of us)
  192. first time sex after cesarean
  193. Happy birthday to all of our August Mamas, Papas & Kiddos!
  194. Your hospital stay
  195. Pregnancy & Sleep?
  196. Weighty Weekend
  197. Body pillows?
  198. Thanks Thursday
  199. C-Section Question
  200. Need help with OBGyn
  201. How did you decide?
  202. Two for Tuesday
  203. was your gut feeling about the sex right?
  204. pregnant ladies - how is the pre-c/s anxiety?
  205. Your last meal.....
  206. What do you do for an itchy c/s scar?
  207. Old incision is SUPER itchy?
  208. Intro :)
  209. Going to be MIA
  210. Mads twins are here!!!!! - updated with names!
  211. Pregnancy QOTD
  212. STOP RIGHT THERE! .. come check in!
  213. c/s board siggy - here it is!!!!! - updated with both versions
  214. C-section and breastfeeding
  215. Baby Girl Sophia is here
  216. The night before your c-section
  217. Friday Five
  218. sorry i've been awol
  219. It's scheduled!!
  220. Items that are a must have for a c-section mommy!
  221. sorry so MIA lately!
  222. Just checking in, been MIA.. *Xposted*
  223. What would you choose?
  224. pregos - have you been on a hospital tour? will you?
  225. what was the staff like?
  226. BTDT c/s Mamas - how much do you remember?
  227. online auction sites
  228. Stay at home mom, or working mom? What are/will you do?
  229. Buy special underwear?
  230. Decision to have a c/s - did your SO disagree?
  231. Belly photos?
  232. Did you ever just feel. . .
  233. Backaches!
  234. GTKY (getting to know you)
  235. how long before you felt comfortable in bed?
  236. morning sickness - how long for?
  237. No Staples for me!
  238. Feed Me Friday
  239. were you given heartburn/reflux meds before surgery?
  240. an intro
  241. When did you have to stop eating?
  242. message from Tiffany/myblueyez
  243. ABC photo contest - 'D' submissions open now! PM me! *deadline Aug 12*
  244. 'C' photo contest - congratulations jovon_84!!!!
  245. September/October section Mommies! I'M NEXT! WOOHOO!
  246. Scheduled my c-section!
  247. photos & a vid of Emersyn, photos of Gaby
  248. Wednesday Weddings
  249. is/was your baby more active at a certain time of day?
  250. if you suffer/ed from morning sickness..