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  1. June posting goals! *add yours*
  2. SpydrMnky27/Cina, had her baby boy!
  3. How was your weekend?
  4. Pregnant ladies! are you.....
  5. Reaching milestones, on time?
  6. When did you start feeling 'over it' (being pregnant)
  7. My sweet baby boy (pics)
  8. Happy belated birthday to Brynne!
  9. Bad News :(..Riley Rickie Born Monday May 24th 1lb 2ozs & 12inches long
  10. might be MIA again.. we're sick
  11. Leaking 4 days post c/s ~UPDATE~~
  12. all the BTDT Mama's...
  13. Pregnant ladies...
  14. how is your weekend?
  15. keloid scar
  16. I hope this is ok to post...
  17. Sciatica during pregnancy? Did you? Do you?
  18. jaundice?
  19. my cesarean date is official!
  20. What to Wear Home?
  21. How long should you wait to get pregnant after a c-section?
  22. probably mia for a few days
  23. aussie_mama22/Brooke had her baby!!!!
  24. I'm done being pregnant!!
  25. Pregnant with #3!! Yay!! I just found out!!!
  26. growth u/s photos
  27. 36w growth u/s update (pics later)
  28. Qotd (question of the day)
  29. did you have ENT (ear, nose & throat) problems, as a kid?
  30. Love babywearing? Can't wait to babywear? Your chance to win, with JM Blogs!
  31. It JUST hit me...
  32. Getting Ready for BABY!!!
  33. American Idol?
  34. Cloth, disposable, a combination?
  35. When did you start driving again?
  36. 2 days!
  37. ABC of.... being a woman!
  38. Brooke! 3 days to go...
  39. Partner staying overnight in hospital, after your c/s?
  40. Special family/heirloom baby items?
  41. When will/did you pack your hospital bag?
  42. Did/will you use a baby monitor?
  43. Baby baths.. did/will you use one?
  44. if you are currently pregnant.. what sex?
  45. Does it take longer for a c-section belly to go down?
  46. Feb 2011 DDC is up - started a congratulations thread...
  47. What kind of checkups do they do at the hospital?
  48. Visitors After the Surgery
  49. everyone please vote - do we need a private board?
  50. CIO / Crying it out
  51. Does pregnancy make you have weird dreams?
  52. D topic - Drinking alcohol
  53. Motherhood.. has it come easy? do you think it will?
  54. What form of birth control are you using, or will you use?
  55. If you were pregnant with your first.. would you consider...
  56. C Topic - Car
  57. when and how
  58. How long after the c/s, did your child/ren meet their new sibling?
  59. If you've had (or are having) a REPEAT c/s...
  60. Mamas with kids - kiddy updates!
  61. Pregnant Mamas - check in!
  62. B topic - Bed!
  63. BTDT Moms (or new moms) Who had Scheduled C-Sections
  64. Round Two
  65. Please All Read.... regarding a recent loss which has effected a JM member
  66. A topic - Anxiety (new posting game, all read!)
  67. When did/will your child first stay with a non-family memeber babysitter?
  68. Name popularity
  69. How did you tell your SO you were pregnant?
  70. Where were you brought up? How far from there do you live now?
  71. Who took the photo's?
  72. sorry I'm not particularly active...
  73. Are you an Aunty? What about a god-parent?
  74. Natural therapies, for your children?
  75. When did you start showing?
  76. Holy Cow...potential dates already :)
  77. Flat Pelvic Bone and c-section rate?
  78. First vs Second C Section
  79. Why did/will/would you choose an ERCS?
  80. Ever feel like getting away from it all?
  81. First pregnancy appointments
  82. Has/did pregnancy changed your sex life?
  83. ... yellow light - drive through, or try to stop?
  84. BTDT Mums - what age has been most difficult so far?
  85. BTDT & Mamas to be - who is/do you hope your child will be more like?
  86. Happy [belated] birthdays to: Melinda, Nicole, Brandon, Kaden & Rylee!
  87. Cesarean Section board EDD & Birthday list
  88. If you are pregnant...... (please vote)
  89. First time mams to be... shopping for baby
  90. BTDT Mums - do your children attend daycare?
  91. those with elective c/s's... did your SO agree?
  92. Snack food?
  93. could you help out the preschoolers board? photo comp
  94. Cesarean Section board birthdays list
  95. Want to get an idea of who is visiting this board at moment - pregnant or past c/s?
  96. Remember to add your details to the EDD list! (or to edit details)
  97. If you were TTC with your current/most recent pregnancy, were you charting?
  98. How long after your c/s were you doing all the housework?
  99. how easy was it to agree on a name?
  100. degrees of separation.. join in! (lets keep it going)
  101. Some pics & got a possible gender today
  102. Ceserean Complications
  103. How Many Have You Had?
  104. ABC qotd - Y
  105. how far along when you found out you were prego?
  106. Testing for Gestational Diabetes
  107. What do you miss about pre-pregnancy/kids days?
  108. Repeat Cesarean Criticism
  109. HI all...quick introduction
  110. ABC qotd - X
  111. Pregnant Mamas... how prepared are you?
  112. Who are our first time Mamas?
  113. BTDT Mamas - one baby item you couldn't live without?
  114. those with elective c/s - what happens if you go into labour early?
  115. When will (or will it?) this pain go away?
  116. Breastfeeding?
  117. Relationship changes, during pregnancy &/or post birth
  118. Rooming in with baby (at home)
  119. ABC qotd - W
  120. A question for those who have had sections before...
  121. Infants/Childrens medication RECALL
  122. What's for dinner, tonight?
  123. Testing/screening during pregnancy - did you have any?
  124. ABC qotd - V
  125. First Time Mommies!
  126. Oh that green eyed monster!
  127. Manic May ~ Chit Chat Thread
  128. ABC qotd - U
  129. Post c/s pain relief - did it make you sick?
  130. Mental Health
  131. Babywearing?
  132. What are you doing this weekend?
  133. Post partum bleeding, after a c/s
  134. ABC qotd - T
  135. sorry i've been awol
  136. I am really curious, but dont want to upset anyone!
  137. o/t.... but too cute to not share!
  138. ABC qotd - S
  139. Co-sleeping...
  140. Parenting books?
  141. 32w0d growth u/s, update
  142. 32w belly pics
  143. Breathing while on the operating table?
  144. Pregnancy complaints - what are/were your biggest?
  145. Mums with kids - what are your kids doing today?
  146. Pregnant Mamas.... movement?
  147. ABC qotd - R
  148. ABC qotd - Q
  149. How long before your c/s, did you know you were having a c/s?
  150. BTDT Mamas - did you need extra help with breastfeeding?
  151. any other pregos seeing a high-risk ob?
  152. My baby Ella Marynne is here!
  153. Friday Five: stores
  154. Any of you fabulous ladies, waiting to TTC?
  155. Prego Mamas - how long left?
  156. Mom's groups?
  157. weekend board challenge ** ABC of baby names **
  158. shows or DVD's?
  159. Who was/will be in theatre with you??
  160. Have you BEEN a support person, for a woman having a c/s?
  161. ABC qotd - P
  162. I would like to ask a question to anyone who has BTDT
  163. time spent in the NICU?
  164. what's your favourite way to relax when you've had a rotten day?
  165. avoiding 'no-no' foods during pregnancy
  166. ABC qotd - O
  167. Jan 2011 DDC is up - created a congrats thread from us
  168. time in hospital - enjoy or hate it?
  169. Readers - what are you reading?!
  170. Ear piercing??
  171. ABC qotd - N
  172. Hello
  173. Your child is 16.. he/she comes to you & tells you......
  174. have you experienced pregnancy loss?
  175. ABC qotd - M
  176. BallerinaMom64 - congratulations!!!!
  177. ABC qotd - L
  178. If you had another child already.. how'd he/she cope?
  179. Preggy cravings?
  180. Earliest a baby has been born in a DDC of yours?
  181. did you have any post c/s complications???
  182. music in the operating theatre?
  183. ABC qotd - K
  184. Did you 'take it easy' like you were told to?
  185. How common?
  186. *this~or~that* :: lets keep it going!
  187. congratulations -Jen- - picture uno challenge winner!
  188. What's on the agenda, this weekend?
  189. Reading to baby...
  190. Did you get morning sickness?
  191. Anxiety about incision site?
  192. Do I really need to wait 6wks to start walking etc?
  193. got a 'most likely' c/s date!
  194. Have you recently visited a newborn?
  195. Rooming in??
  196. ABC qotd - J
  197. m/w appt update
  198. we've been asked to help out a PR - can everyone vote?
  199. One week post c-section, feeling great!
  200. Bowel movement problems after c-section?
  201. What do you find more beneficial - text or real life?
  202. GTKY (getting to know you)
  203. Photos of the birth?
  204. mum74 - wishing you good luck for today!
  205. Clarifying what this board is for.... please all read!
  206. way to go ladies - c/s birth board on the 'hottest boards' list!
  207. GTKY (getting to know you)
  208. How much reading up on c/s have you done/did you do??
  209. did people try to scare you?
  210. When People Say it's Best to go into the Surgery Educated..
  211. Kiddy update!
  212. Do you ever feel embarassed about having a c/s?
  213. Looks like c section #3...
  214. Was the anticipation pre-c/s worse than the actual c/s itself?
  215. ABC qotd - I
  216. Bonding with baby after c/s
  217. take part in our weekend challenge!!!!!!!!
  218. Baby registries - will/did/do you have one?
  219. Weekend plans?
  220. ABC qotd - H
  221. Intro
  222. *** weekend board challenge *** PiCtUrE uNo *** come on in y'all!
  223. Maternity leave?
  224. Breastfeeding.... (again - no debates!)
  225. Cesarean for medical reasons? What was yours?
  226. April Roll Call - all check in!
  227. Is your child sociable or shy?
  228. Is your baby...
  229. how's your week going?
  230. welcome: sarahvandy
  231. Which group of members are you in?
  232. How long ago was your last c/s?
  233. those with cesarean's coming up.. how are you feeling?
  234. Hi new here. Classic (Vertical) C section?
  235. Overweight c sections?
  236. What is life like
  237. welcome to the Cesarean Section board to........
  238. Midwife for a C-section??
  239. Bladder Trauma?
  240. Cesarean Section Grief - new subforum
  241. Do you view your c/s as 'major abdominal surgery'?
  242. ABC qotd - G
  243. Placenta previa scheduled c-section
  244. how many?
  245. Pain at Incision Site - How long does it last?
  246. Newbie Introduction
  247. did anyone else have a c/s after induction??
  248. Was your c/s experience a positive one, or a negative one?
  249. Intro and a Question
  250. when did you first have sex, post c/s?

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